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  1. Hi, Generally if I don't have the outputs consumed by another device I don't worry about the warnings, however, Xilinx recommends that ALL I/O be constrained to make sure that the tool doesn't work too hard in the wrong area when implementing the timing closure. That said, you might want to take a look at this Xilinx quick take video : if you do not know how to constrain outputs in an XDC file (<top_level>.xdc). I hope this helps, Paul
  2. ASICs

    Arty PLL implementation?

    Hi everyone, I'm sure that someone has used a PLL in an Arty design....I have tried and keep getting an implementation error as follows: [DRC 23-20] Rule violation (REQP-1712) Input clock driver - Unsupported PLLE2_ADV connectivity. The signal xilinx_ip_pll/inst/clk_in1 on the xilinx_ip_pll/inst/plle2_adv_inst/CLKIN1 pin of xilinx_ip_pll/inst/plle2_adv_inst with COMPENSATION mode ZHOLD must be driven by a clock capable IO. The Arty Clock100 comes in on Pin E3, so I'm assuming that this is a clock capable input..? (can't be moved...) I even tried instantiating a BUFH in the top level before the PLL input and no dice... New to Vivado so I'm sure that this is another basic cockpit error... Thanks in advance. Paul
  3. Thank you for your input....It was in fact just a warning due to "no debug logic", I found that the "reset" to the PLL was not connected properly so the rest of the logic had no clock from the PLL.... I'm new to Vivado so I assumed I was doing something really bad (other than a wiring cockpit error!).... Thanks Again!
  4. Hello All, Just joined the forum, I just received my Arty board, and ported a very simple 32 bit counter design that drives LEDs (slower bits). I can synthesize and implement the design (no warnings), I can view the schematic and it looks exactly like the RTL, however, when I try to load it onto the target I get the following warning: WARNING: [Labtools 27-3123] The debug hub core was not detected at User Scan Chain 1 or 3. Resolution: 1. Make sure the clock connected to the debug hub (dbg_hub) core is a free running clock and is active OR 2. Manually launch hw_server with -e "set xsdb-user-bscan <C_USER_SCAN_CHAIN scan_chain_number>" to detect the debug hub at User Scan Chain of 2 or 4. To determine the user scan chain setting, open the implemented design and use: get_property C_USER_SCAN_CHAIN [get_debug_cores dbg_hub]. The board does nothing! I use this exact same code on another FPGA board (Altera Cyclone-5) and it works fine... I'm assuming that the above warning is critical because after the download the boards doesn't do anything Thanks for any help! -Paul