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  1. My ARTY works well when powerd by USB port(J10 connected, J13 set to USB). But it can not power on when I plugin a 12V adaptor into J12(J10 not connect, J13 set to REF).The voltage between J13 REG pins is 0V and voltage around R245 is 12V. No chips fever. I tested some voltages on around the IC12 with the 12V adaptor plugined in, as the following. My ARTY is a new one, maybe the IC12 damaged?
  2. Thanks for replying. This problem has been fixed. I reinstalled the Digilent Drivers (D:\Xilinx\Vivado\2015.3\data\xicom\cable_drivers\nt64\digilent\install_digilent.exe). And the onboard JTAG worked again. But whatever I have uninstalled FTDI Drivers, and then reinstalled it how many times , the two virtual COM still exist. As this is not a fatal problem, I am still happy to use my ARTY. Thanks.
  3. When I updated the FTDI VCP drivers( ,win7 X64 2.12.10), the ARTY onboard JTAG disappeared. And there are two USB-TO-COM on my computer. See attachment, please. Any suggestions?