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  1. I think some things changed around since I asked the question but there are still inconsistencies. The 1:19 Gear Ration ( Title: 6V Picture: 6V Datasheet: 12V The "1:53 Gear Ratio" ( Title: 12V Picture: 12V Datasheet: 6V It would also mean the dual h-bridge (Motor voltage can be driven up to 11.8V, with a recommended 10.8V maximum) is not compatible with the 1:19 gearbox at the rated 12V?
  2. The current gearbox listed on the site shows a "Custom 6V" motor. The picture and datasheet indicate that it is 12V. What's the correct voltage and accompanying datasheet?
  3. Thanks for all the information. We'll take it into consideration. @Sergiu : Some of the PMODs do have populated resistors. So at least 2 of them (from the sch/rm) have populated 200Ohm resistors. Thanks
  4. We are considering adopting zybo boards in one of our course labs and are currently concerned about the students unintentionally damaging the boards. For some past boards, we have add protection to attached baseboard to prevent this. I understand it's hard to give an exhaustive list but I'd appreciate it if you could list some of the common ones. I quickly looked through the userguide and picked these out Power supply voltage must be less than 6VDC. Does a reverse voltage (from a battery source) damage the board?The high-speed PMOD does not have series resistors for protection."The VCC and Ground pins can deliver up to 1A of current, but care must be taken not to exceed any of the power budgets..." What are the impacts of exceeding the power budget on the PMODs?Here's a list of things that can damage an arduino ( Which one's are the zybo also susceptible to. Thanks