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  1. Nice catch! I will try with this when I get the time for it. /Jaxc
  2. I will check this out. Thank you /Jaxc
  3. Hello, I am trying to connect to the DAC using petalinux, but I cannot get it to work. When petalinux is booted i get "axi-i2s: probe of 43c00000.axi_i2s_adi failed with error -2", I have tried to find information about this, but so far i haven't found anything. So, what I have done: I have synthesized the template design and imported the said design into Petalinux. I have configured ALSA as this: The device tree for the axi-i2s is as follows: amba_pl: amba_pl { axi_i2s_adi_0: [email protected] { compatible = "adi,axi-i2s-1.00.a"; reg = <0x43c00000 0x10000>; clocks = <&clkc 15 &clkc 16>; clock-names = "axi", "i2s"; dmas = <&dmac_s 0 &dmac_s 1>; dma-names = "tx", "rx"; xlnx,bclk-pol = <0x0>; xlnx,dma-type = <0x1>; xlnx,has-rx = <0x1>; xlnx,has-tx = <0x1>; xlnx,lrclk-pol = <0x0>; xlnx,num-ch = <0x1>; xlnx,slot-width = <0x18>; }; }; I am deeply grateful for any help, or any examples showing a working DAC interface. Best regards /Jaxc