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  1. I've tried two different VC709 boards and they both do the same thing. If the Digilent boards is at least receiving power from the VC709, wouldn't it be able to have the USB recognixed even if the VC709 wasn't functioning?
  2. BTW, my win 7 machine does the same thing.
  3. Here's the images of the error msgs I get. I tried updating drivers several times but no go. I've installed the Vivado Stand-alone cable drivers a few times. No help. All the USB ports say the same thing. This is a Win 10 machine. I installed Adept, no help. Anything else I can try?
  4. Yes, I'll get to it later today. Thanks,
  5. I tried the suggested fix on the post you sent but no go. I get the same error. Windows doesn't recognize the USB device. I tried another cable too but the same error. I tried installing to with both 2014.4 and 2015.4; neither work. Any other ideas out there? Wally
  6. I'm working with a VC709 development board that has a Digilent JTAG-SMT module on it. I installed Vivado 2015.4 Lab edition so I could program the VC709 with a .bit file. I plug the PC into the Digilent module via USB and the device managet says it doesn't recognize the USB device. When I try to "update driver", windows tells me it already has the latest driver installed. I tried installing Adept2 hoping the driver would be there but no luck. Adept doesn't see anything either. Is there a separate driver I need to install? Where do I get it? Thanks, Wally