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  1. Yes, I have tried using PULLUP primitive. I have declared the pin in UCF as shown below: NET "sda" LOC = "C13" | DRIVE = 2 | PULLUP ;
  2. Hi, I need help to initialise and implement an inout port in BASYS 2(Spartan 3E) FPGA board. I tried using IOBUF and assigned that port to B6 or A9 or C6.I couldn't get the result. Without using the IOBUF, i am getting the desired signal pattern as output but in milli volt range. And i'm not sure whether i able to recive or not with out using the IOBUF since I could not test it.. I want to implement the I2C protocol, so the sda line should be INOUT, which I cant figure out...Should I use any specific PIn in Pmods of Basys 2 as Inout port.... Please help me with this... Thanks in Advance Athul