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  1. Hi! Thanks a lot. Edgar
  2. Hi! Thank you very much for the information! What will happen in case we exceed the voltage for the ADC? Will we permanently damage it? Thank you very much. Sincerely, Edgar
  3. Hi! My professor loaned to me their Digilent BASYS2 FPGA board. We wish to develop an FPGA-based Laser Remote Sensor (LIDAR) system. The BASYS2 will be triggered by the pulse driver of our Laser Diode. The Laser Diode pulses will be detected by a photomultiplier tube detector at selected rates and bin widths. We will connect the output (analog) of the photomultiplier tube to the BASYS2. How can we do this? Is it via the PMOD? Do we need an A/D converter like the PMOD AD1 or PMOD AD2? The BASYS2 has 4 PMODs with 6 pins each. Which PMOD (AD1 or AD2) is better for us? The AD1 has 6 pins only but has 2 channels while the AD2 has 12 pins and 4 channels (and is also half the price). If we buy the AD2, can we connect it to two PMODs in the BASYS2? Will this work? For another question, once the BASYS2 receives a trigger, the BASYS2 will read the PMOD to get the analog reading from the photomultiplier tube. How can we get the reading? Is it via the register address for that PMOD? Since this is digital, how can we know the voltage reading of the photomultiplier tube? Sorry for asking too many questions. Thanks in advance! Sincerely, Edgar Vallar
  4. Thanks. NI also replied and said the same thing. However, they gave me a link to the MakerHub website which uses Adept to enable the Digilent board to be interfaced with Labview (https://www.labviewmakerhub.com/doku.php?id=libraries:adept:start). It might be helpful for some so I am pasting it here too. I used the VI package manager (VIPM) to install it. It worked (after some error messages which might be due to me choosing to also install the latest version) using the older version (lvh_adept- It is my first time to use a BASYS2 and an FPGA. I hope I can ask more questions from this forum in the future. Thank you very much. Edgar
  5. Jan. 4, 2016 Hi! I want to use the Labview 2014 FPGA module to make a VI that uses the BASYS2 Digilent Board. The BASYS2 has the Spartan 3E-100 CP132 Xilinx FPGA chip. I will interface sensors to the BASYS2 and use the VI to get data automatically and process it. I already installed Labview 2014, Labview 2014 FPGA Module, Labview 2014 Realtime Module. However, I cannot find the BASYS2 (as a target) in the FPGA module and also in NI MAX. I found that Spartan 3E is part of the Xilinx University Program (XUP) and there is a Labview driver for it but it uses Labview 2012. Also, the Spartan 3E in the XUP that uses that Labview 2012 driver should be 500K. Can this driver also work with the BASYS2 board? Can someone give me an idea where to get a Labview driver for the Spartan 3E-100 CP132 (BASYS2 board)? I have emailed NI but they have no reply yet. Kindly email me or reply to this forum. Thank you. Edgar Email : edgar.vallar@dlsu.edu.ph