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  1. As best I can figure out so far, the provided dwf.lib is for use with Visual Studio, correct? I lack the knowledge to convert this for BCB (apparently near impossible for .cpp source). Is there any example project code available showing it's use with any RAD IDE? I want to use a graph component to display the captured analog input as a custom lissajous display.
  2. HI, I've been trying to get this working with C++Builder 5 without success. Which compiler / ide is the SDK known to work with please?
  3. Hi, I have V2.7.5 and an Analog Discovery. 1/ The oscilloscope help mentions Repeated, Scan Screen & Scan Shift Run Modes (section 2.3.3). Where is that selected? I have > 0.1sec/div timebase selected. 2/ The Trigger panel picture in 2.3.4 doesn't look like mine. 3/ Why is my Trigger Type selection disabled? 4/ When is the next update due? Thanks.