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  1. Thank you for your important information, Andrew. I am working on designing Ethernet communication, so I will try to set up microblaze on my laptop.
  2. Hi, I am a beginner of ethernet design. I got a small project published on this website: http://www.fpga4fun.com/10BASE-T0.html . I have successfully updated MAC address, IP, etc... But I have no idea how to set constraint file in ISE. Through reading the Nexys 4 DDR manual, I guess I need an extra clkIn for this project to work on the board, so I created two clocks: one is for D5, CLKIN, 50MHz, and another is for the project, 20MHz. and I set the pin number in the project below. NET "clk" LOC = "E3" | IOSTANDARD = "LVCMOS33"; NET "clk" TNM_NET = sys_clk_pin; NET "Ethernet_