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  1. Hi JColvin, Thanks for the reply! I wanted to be sure how the pMod pins are arranged so that I have them hooked up correctly. Also I assumed that the pMod UARTs are DTE based.
  2. I was looking at the PmodUSBUART, PmodRS232, PmodRS232X and the Digilent Pmod Interface specification and need some clarifications The PmodUSBUART and PmodRS232X uses the Type 4 Pinout and the PmodRS232 uses the Type 3 Pinout. The table pinout on the Pmod Interface Specification is for the Host for Type 3 and Type 4 UARTs. Can someone verify that my assumptions are ok?
  3. azn103

    [Cmod S6] Four LED Specs

    I would like to know who's the manufacturer for the LED. I was curious about the LED's rated current to get the intensity.
  4. azn103

    Cmod S6 Quad Spi

    I recently got a Cmod S6 and was able to program it just fine. Now I want to access the Quad SPI so I can load my program directly from the SPI rather than using the Digilent Adept program. The Cmod S6 did not show any references to how to program that part. How do you program the PROM?