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  1. I am a newbie, just bought BASYS2 digilent FPGA Board. I have background on microcontrollers. C/C++ is no problem for me. But I am having some trouble with FPGA. Actually, not with FPGA but with Compiler and ISE. As you can see in the attachment, I configured the FPGA chip. I am using BASYS2 board. This is the implementation code: --------------------- module myModule(A, B); input wire A; output wire B; assign B = !A; endmodule ---------------------- And this is the ucf code: ----------------------- # Onboard LEDs NET "B" LOC = "M11"; NET "A" LOC = "C11"; ------------------------ As boards technical sheet says, M11 is LED 1 and C11 is BTN 2. So I want LED to flash when I unpress the button. Do you see something wrong with the code? Because it aint working. If the code should have been working, what should I do? Am I skipping something? As you see I aldready generated programming file and run. So what next? Thanks.