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  1. GlenW

    Eclypse Z7 ZMOD Mechanical

    Thanks for the pointer to "double-wide". I knew I had seen that before. I would still like verification from Digilent that they followed the double-wide spec. I am treating the two ports as separate.
  2. I would like to know the relative placement of the two ZMOD connectors on the Eclypse Z7. I am designing a board that will connect to both of these connectors at the same time. I would rather not rely on mechanical measurements.
  3. zygot, thanks for the response. I understand the issues. What I would really like is some gerber files so I can see how these signals are routed. I believe it is possible the signals were routed as if they were differential.
  4. I would like to use some of the single-ended pins on the ZMOD connectors as differential pairs even though the SYZYGY spec does not state this is legal. I only care to use the PCB we are designing with the Eclypse Z7. The pins go to differential pins on the FPGA so it is completely possible if they are routed properly. For instance SYZYGY_A_S21 and SYZYGY_A_S23 got to IO_L8N_T1 and IO_L8P_T1 on the FPGA and pins 26 and 28 on the SYZYGY connector which are fine for a differential pair. Thanks Glen