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  1. at first the code was: y <= a and b; then i changed it, because you wrote, that something with the physical switches could be wrong... When y <= '1'; the led should shine. Or am i wrong?
  2. Thanks for your answer. here is the code from the RTL Module: (Its not sensful, i just wanted to make it simple)
  3. could i get help from the digilent-support?
  4. Hello, I am an beginner and use a Zybo Z20 Board Vivado and Vitis. I tryed the Tutorial: Getting Started with Vivado and Vitis for Baremetal Software Projects - Digilent Reference (it works) Now i tryed to add a RTL-Block (VHDL) and connect it with the axi-gpio. Then i want to manipulate it using vitis and a c-code, a LED should shine. But it doesn't work. Is there a tutorial how to connect PL and PS? Can someone help me? Thanks