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    where to find dll files

    I am using the SDK with an HS2 without using Adept per se, so that my host code can configure my FPGA without having to have Vivado in the mix (Vivado hw manager keeps the HS2 open, so to do config, and use the HS2 for i2c, I have to open hw manager, config, close hw manager.) I never really thought about the DLLs until last week when all of a sudden my host code couldn't find the DLLs. Yes, there they are in System32. I wonder why my host code can't find them all of a sudden? Any ideas? I certainly didn't change my PATH variable. In order to run my host code on a machine that di
  2. I seem to have mislaid the dll files to use the HS2 (dmgr.dll, djtg.dll, etc.) and I cannot for the life of me find them in any digilent material. I would expect to find them along with the .lib files (...\hs2\digilent.adept.sdk_v2.4.2\lib64 or some such.) There are 16 .lib files but no .dll files. IT assures me that no malware scanner has removed them. Where do I find them?