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  1. Sorry, so I want to check.. this system-user.dtsi is something we always have to modify ourselves and not system generated? like some scripts that read thru the .xsa or .hdf file?
  2. thoonky

    What is going on?

    Downloaded petalinux 2017.4 and I can't seem to complete the question asing about license agreement. It seems to reply a tr extra operand. Anybody got any clue? [email protected]:~/Zynq$ ./ INFO: Checking installer checksum... INFO: Extracting PetaLinux installer... LICENSE AGREEMENTS PetaLinux SDK contains software from a number of sources. Please review the following licenses and indicate your acceptance of each to continue. You do not have to accept the licenses, however if you do not then you may not use PetaLinux SDK
  3. I duplicate the BSP project at to A directory and try to run a build. It keeps failing as shown below. Any ideas? [email protected]:~/Zynq/A$ petalinux-build WARNING: Your PetaLinux project was last modified by PetaLinux SDK version "2017.4", WARNING: however, you are using PetaLinux SDK version "2021.2". Please input "y" to continue. Otherwise it will exit![n]y [INFO] Sourcing buildtools [INFO] Building project [INFO] Generating Kconfi
  4. hi all.. I am trying the find my .bsp file, but I can't seem to find in the directory. how do I generate or make 1? See my view below. My version is Xilinx Vitis IDE v2021.2.0 (64-bit)
  5. thoonky

    Schematics of Cora Z7

    Thanks JColvin. I got it resolved. Somehow most of my micro USB cables do not have the data lines (more of power charging). I found 1 in the end it is working.
  6. thoonky

    Schematics of Cora Z7

    OK.. do I need something special? my board does not seem to be able to be detected on the PCB USB bus. I tried on my PC and a Raspberry pi.
  7. I am also having this issue.. not seen on USB bus for my Cora Z7
  8. thoonky

    Schematics of Cora Z7

    Hello there, I do not seem to find the USB for UART/JTAG together with FTDI chip in the schematics for Cora Z7. Can someone share that? The link pdf that I got is