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  1. welee

    FMC HDMI ADV7611 initialization via I2C

    Thank you for your Response but I just dont get it to work. I have added a AXI IIC. Then I set the constrains to match the one in the reference manual set_property PACKAGE_PIN V4 [get_ports iic_main_0_scl_io] set_property IOSTANDARD LVCMOS25 [get_ports iic_main_0_scl_io] set_property PULLUP true [get_ports iic_main_0_scl_io] set_property PACKAGE_PIN AA12 [get_ports iic_main_0_sda_io] set_property IOSTANDARD LVCMOS25 [get_ports iic_main_0_sda_io] set_property PULLUP true [get_ports iic_main_0_sda_io] And now I trying to read a value from the ADV7611 chip. I tried it like I did it withc the ADV7511. /* * Initialize the IIC Core. */ Status = XIic_DynInit(IIC_FMC_ADDRESS); if (Status != XST_SUCCESS) { return XST_FAILURE; } .... /* * Write Initialization Sequence to ADV7511. */ EepromIicAddr = 0x98; for (Index = 0; Index < 1; Index++) { // BytesWritten = EepromWriteByte(hdmi_iic[Index].addr, // &hdmi_iic[Index].init, 1); EepromReadByte(0xEA, &ReadBuffer[Index], 1); xil_printf("ReadBuffer[%d] = %0X\r\n",Index,ReadBuffer[Index]); for(i = 0; i<50000; i++); } The EeproReadByte is from the Xilinx IIC example and it work for the ADV7511. I just had just set the main IIC mux to HDMI but since the FMC hasn't a mux it must be set directly. I dont know what else I am doing wrong. I also attached the main file of my Project. The IicLowLevelDynEepromHdmiIN() function is where I try to read the ADV7611 Chip. Maybe you can help? Thank you. main.c
  2. welee

    FMC HDMI ADV7611 initialization via I2C

    Hi, thanks for your response. My actual problem is not the initialization itself. I can not communicate with the chip on the FMC board. For the HDMI output (which is on the directly on the board) I had to set the I2C mux on the board for the ADV7511...when I am setting the mux to FMC and want to read the chip on the FMC but it don't work. I also worked already whit the reference design from Analog Devices. They are using the Imageon-FMC from Avnet. The imageon have a I2C mux to for the different ports and in the reference design they set the respective addresses. But I dont know if the FMC-HDMI from digilent have a mux or can I directy communicate with the two chips on the board. I hope my problem is understandable and you can help me... Thank you.
  3. Hello, I am trying to initialize the ADV7611 Chip of the Digilent FMC-HDMI add-on Board. But I can't find the needed addresses for it (this doesn't help). I am using the xiic.h Driver from xilinx. The initalization of ADV7511 Chip of the zc702 was successfully. Have anyone a idea?? I am using the zc702 and the digilent FMC-HDMI Card.
  4. I'm using the zc702. Yes the demo Project running and in the TeraTerm Output I receiving the Video data. I have added a second IIC to control the ADV7511 on the board and the no-OS API from Analog Devices for the configuration (reference design ADV7511). I also tried the configuration with the iicwrite-functions in the demo project. For some reason the Input Video data are only detected when I plug in the HDMI during the "HDMI Input Initialization" (no HDP?). With the no-OS API I'm also getting the EDID from the Output Monitor but the Monitor still stays off. I dont know what I'm doing wrong? I PM you the Vivado Project. Thank you.
  5. Hi, unfortunately @‌delfy ist not responding. I'm also trying to implement a Video passthrough with the FMC-HDMI and a Xilinx Zyng Board. I have tried to use that reference design but unfortunately it doesn't work. I have changed the constrains to match the pins for Digilent FMC-Card and im getting the information of my source (PC: 1920x1080). But the output monitor stays off. I also changed the constrains for the ADV7511 on the zc702 to match the pin mapping in the User Guide (UG850 (v1.5)). Do i have to change something in my HW-Design? Can anybody help?