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  1. Thank you for your Response but I just dont get it to work. I have added a AXI IIC. Then I set the constrains to match the one in the reference manual set_property PACKAGE_PIN V4 [get_ports iic_main_0_scl_io] set_property IOSTANDARD LVCMOS25 [get_ports iic_main_0_scl_io] set_property PULLUP true [get_ports iic_main_0_scl_io] set_property PACKAGE_PIN AA12 [get_ports iic_main_0_sda_io] set_property IOSTANDARD LVCMOS25 [get_ports iic_main_0_sda_io] set_property PULLUP true [get_ports iic_main_0_sda_io] And now I trying to read a value from the ADV7611 chip. I tried it like I did it withc the ADV7511. /* * Initialize the IIC Core. */ Status = XIic_DynInit(IIC_FMC_ADDRESS); if (Status != XST_SUCCESS) { return XST_FAILURE; } .... /* * Write Initialization Sequence to ADV7511. */ EepromIicAddr = 0x98; for (Index = 0; Index < 1; Index++) { // BytesWritten = EepromWriteByte(hdmi_iic[Index].addr, // &hdmi_iic[Index].init, 1); EepromReadByte(0xEA, &ReadBuffer[Index], 1); xil_printf("ReadBuffer[%d] = %0X\r\n",Index,ReadBuffer[Index]); for(i = 0; i<50000; i++); } The EeproReadByte is from the Xilinx IIC example and it work for the ADV7511. I just had just set the main IIC mux to HDMI but since the FMC hasn't a mux it must be set directly. I dont know what else I am doing wrong. I also attached the main file of my Project. The IicLowLevelDynEepromHdmiIN() function is where I try to read the ADV7611 Chip. Maybe you can help? Thank you. main.c
  2. Hi, thanks for your response. My actual problem is not the initialization itself. I can not communicate with the chip on the FMC board. For the HDMI output (which is on the directly on the board) I had to set the I2C mux on the board for the ADV7511...when I am setting the mux to FMC and want to read the chip on the FMC but it don't work. I also worked already whit the reference design from Analog Devices. They are using the Imageon-FMC from Avnet. The imageon have a I2C mux to for the different ports and in the reference design they set the respective addresses. But I dont know if the FMC-HDMI from digilent have a mux or can I directy communicate with the two chips on the board. I hope my problem is understandable and you can help me... Thank you.
  3. Hello, I am trying to initialize the ADV7611 Chip of the Digilent FMC-HDMI add-on Board. But I can't find the needed addresses for it (this doesn't help). I am using the xiic.h Driver from xilinx. The initalization of ADV7511 Chip of the zc702 was successfully. Have anyone a idea?? I am using the zc702 and the digilent FMC-HDMI Card.
  4. I'm using the zc702. Yes the demo Project running and in the TeraTerm Output I receiving the Video data. I have added a second IIC to control the ADV7511 on the board and the no-OS API from Analog Devices for the configuration (reference design ADV7511). I also tried the configuration with the iicwrite-functions in the demo project. For some reason the Input Video data are only detected when I plug in the HDMI during the "HDMI Input Initialization" (no HDP?). With the no-OS API I'm also getting the EDID from the Output Monitor but the Monitor still stays off. I dont know what I'm doing wrong? I PM you the Vivado Project. Thank you.
  5. Hi, unfortunately @‌delfy ist not responding. I'm also trying to implement a Video passthrough with the FMC-HDMI and a Xilinx Zyng Board. I have tried to use that reference design but unfortunately it doesn't work. I have changed the constrains to match the pins for Digilent FMC-Card and im getting the information of my source (PC: 1920x1080). But the output monitor stays off. I also changed the constrains for the ADV7511 on the zc702 to match the pin mapping in the User Guide (UG850 (v1.5)). Do i have to change something in my HW-Design? Can anybody help?