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  1. I have a PmodAD5 Analog to Digital converter capable of high precision with differential input capability. It use the Analog Device AD7193 ADC converter and also Analog Device ADR441 as an on-board 2.5 Vdc Voltage Reference. The Analog Device spec sheet for the ADR441 specify 2 different noise level for category A or B chip version. On the board, chip ADR441, one can read R02. I believe it is the Branding of the chip, like shown on page 18 of the spec sheet (but I am not sure if that's what it relate to). Though I am not aware what Branding means in this case. I am trying to determine if this
  2. My first post actually says, in fact, "JE is connected to the LS7366 counter via pins 1 2 3 4, SS3 SDO3 SDI3 SCK3". SS3 SD03 SDI3 and SCK3 are the PIC32 signal names, according to proMX7 Reference Manual. They are also called SS1A SDO1A SDI1A and SCK1A. If you look an page 18 and 19 of the Reference Manual, the SS3 SDO3 SDI3 and SCK3 are the names utilized to identify JE which is actually suppose to be referring to DSPI1 object from the DSPI library. The same Reference Manual is also identifying JF DSPI2 pins 1,2,3,4 named SS4 SDO4 SDI4 ans SCK4. But recently some updates on the UECIDE edi
  3. 3V3 = 3.27V (metered) and the V5V = 5.16V, Neither voltages are dropping the slightest iota when I disconnect the USB cable. J3 is set to EXT, I am using an external PWM power supply from Fujifilm 5Vdc 1Amp. It's a well manufactured good quality power adapter meant to supply the 5V power to some electronic thing (don't remember). 1 Amp is plenty for my application. I the proMX7 board along with the LS7366 CMOS chip and an LED display. As for too much current draw on the SS pin, I am feeding the SS input pin of a CMOS LS7366 which, according to spec, will draw so little current that they did n
  4. I have my proMX7 board running a very simple code that I adapted from Robogaia.com. I use the code to access an LS7366 Quadrature Counter and Rotary Encoder. The proMX7 is also driving an LKM1638 (8 digits LED driver board). I use the LKM1638 as a display output to read the LS7366 count value. Both peripherals are driven via SPI communication and using DSPI virtual object library. I am using two distinct ports, one for each peripheral. JA is connected to the LKM1638 display and JE is connected to the LS7366 counter via pins 1 2 3 4, SS3 SDO3 SDI3 SCK3. The code is very simple. I send a Read re
  5. Cristian.Fatu thanks for this valuable information. I too am going in the plib direction with a code I got from http://hades.mech.northwestern.edu/index.php/Using_the_LS7366R_SPI_Quadrature_Counter (See bottom of page) These guys are using plib.h in a library to decode via SPI the infamous LS7366 Quadrature decoder. (no it's not infamous, It's a great chip actually, it's a fantastic chip!) Except that the code listed include the plib.h file. And since I am implementing this chip for further use, might as well do things correctly and up to date. Furthermore, my beginners ability
  6. I am new to PIC programming and recently purchased my first board pro MX7 with a PmodAD5 and a PmodDA2 and I am having a blast trying to program the stuff. Actually I am having a hard time for I am also new with C C++ programming. That being said, my current project is to implement a motorized linear displacement with a Load Cell and motor control and Position Encoder and get all this to perform some intelligent moves. So, I need to command my motor with the PmodDA2, Read the Load Cell with PmodAD5 and read my Quadrature Encoder with, ???, I don't know yet. I was looking at the LS7366 from LS
  7. JColvin, your answer to ltheoret concerning MPIDE link " (at least according to their wiki here)" I tried to go there to read. Nowhere on that page can I find the word MPIDE, Is that to correct link? Can you comment on this for I am quite new with my ChipKit pro MX7 board and just starting to learn how to program it. I'd like to know if I am going to invest some valuable time to learn an IDE might as well be one that is there to stay. Hence, I want to make sure I am not loosing my time with MPIDE if it is going to phase out eventually I will switch immediately to another IDE. What's your say o