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  1. How to calculate sum of arrays in vhdl? array size :255
  2. I am trying to run basic code provided by digilent. Thanks for your comments.
  3. I am trying to run basic programs for modules. Here i am getting error. For Nexys A7-100T Board
  4. Kindly share the audio application demo for Nexys A7-100t FPGA Board. Sample code given on site, not working
  5. Temperature measurement and Keyboard interface ? Sample code is not working. Nexys A7-100T FPGA
  6. Hello, I am also looking for code which sense temperature and display result on 7 segment
  7. Hello, I tried this code. But its not working again.
  8. Nexys-A7-100T-Keyboard code is not working. I am trying to connect keyboard to Nexys A7-100t board. suggestion?
  9. Thanks for the reply. I found it. But i am trying to read temperature using temperature sensor on board. I am not able to know how to get it? How to display using VGA ?
  10. please share sample codes of all peripherals of nexys a7