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  1. I emailed our support team, here's what they sent back:

    The readout size is very flexible. Any window size smaller than the actual sensor size can be specified. 300x200 should work, but this hasn't been verified by us.

    I hope this helps!


  2. I'm might be able to narrow down what's happening.

    Does a corded keyboard/mouse work? It's possible that it's just a compatibility issue with Linux and All-in-One Keyboard (You can check out here that Linux isn't even included in their compatibility chart)

    Open up a terminal and run the command "lsusb", that will print out a list of devices currently connected. If you can post a screenshot that could provide some insight.




  3. Hey guys, I'm just dropping in to say this is a great example of a forum topic.

    We want our forum members to be helping each other out, which is exactly what happened here. I'm the author of that instructable, but my knowledge of FPGAs is still fairly limited, so I wouldn't have been able to help as much I would have wanted too. (But you guys got everything figured out!)