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  1. Hi @attila Thanks for the quick answer. If I understand well, there is not a real way to set the unused IO of the adapter (as output) and make a measurement using the impedance instrument and make that the set IO remain in their state. It is one or the other. Actually I was able, using script to make link between 2 Discover2 (one for the impedance, one for the multiplexer): use DIO0-3 to talk to the Discover2 with the mux and set channel run impedance instrument and get measurement next channel This way the channel is latched by the second Discovery2 attached to the mux
  2. Hi Analog Discovery 2 with impedance adapter. I am trying to use the digital I/O (as output) that are not used by the impedance adapter 0-3 and 8-11. I mainly need 4 to control a front-end multiplexer for the impedance adapter. The adapter use I/O 4-7 and 12-15 as output. As soon the Impedance measure is triggered, these I/O goes to zero. Is there a way to control them or I need to use a second Discovery 2 to control the multiplexer and found some way to operate them in sync? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.