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  1. Thank you both for the help. I was able to copy the code that JColvin put in his comment into my value to text field and now I'm getting Hex so that's great. Oddly, I completely lost the breakout of the actual lines, instead of having the line at the top saying "Custom" and then 6 data lines that I can see toggle I just have the analyzer with what looks like the correct hex at the top and nothing else. I went back to the tutorial that JColvin linked again (that was the correct one) and recopied the code in case I'd accidentally modified it but no luck. I was able to manually add th
  2. I did a cursory search and didn't see anything related to this. Short version of the question is "How to get Hex decode on the logic tab when looking at QSPI?" Longer version: I want to look at the initialization of an Intel FPGA over QSPI, so I exactly copied the code from the tutorial "Using the Digital Discovery to look at Zynq boot sequence - Digilent Reference" and hooked up my wires exactly as described. My issue is that the QSPI decoder renders everything in decimal. In the pictures on the webiste it's all in hex but on my end I get hex values for SPI MODI and SPI MISO then