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  1. Hi @attila Thanks a lot. Indeed, in the new version of the software, the impedance works correctly. I am ready to help you in testing software paired with virtual bench 8034. I would be very happy to provide you with such help. Here is my mail: [email protected] . I also noticed that visually the oscilloscope signal is shifted relative to the trigger. If you change the time base, then visually the signal is shifted in different ways relative to the trigger. I think this is related to the sample rate, since your software and standard software show it differently, and therefore inter
  2. Hi @JColvin, @attila As far as I understand, virtual bench 8012 and Digilent's Analog Discovery Pro ADP5250 are one and the same. Details and nuances are unknown to me. However, in fact, I see that your software detects my version of the virtual bench (8034). 8012 from 8034 is not very different. So it is expected that everything works very well with it, except that your software sets the input impedance of the oscilloscope's analog channel to 50 Ohm and does not allow you to change it. From my point of view, you just need to add a few commands to your software to send them to
  3. Good afternoon. I own a virtual bench 8034. And recently I bought Analog Discovery 2. I really liked the WaveForms software. And I noticed that there is support for virtual bench. I was pleasantly surprised. However, as far as I understand, virtual bench support is a nice bonus and not the main goal of your software. But still. I noticed that not all settings work correctly. So far, only talking about the oscilloscope function. Screenshots I am attaching. The problem is that your software sets the impedance to 50 Ohm for some reason. And it does not allow switching the input to 1MΩ. There