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  1. Hi @attila Thanks for the information and detailed analysis! I will try and implement AD2 to my set up and hope it works. Hi @Robin Oswald Saw your post on coherence averaging and it allowed me to learn a new topic! Thanks to you and @attila , I may try out the beta version for my experiment. Thanks for your suggestion, yes I was thinking of using a pre-amplifier, although I am hoping to not add it in first as the accuracy of my experiment relies on an accurate phase information, hence I will try to minimise any components that may add phase noise or too much phase
  2. Hi @attila Thanks for the clarification! Looking at the related post I do see coherent averaging does improve the accuracy especially when there is huge noise of the same frequency interfering the signal. But this leads me to a question of which case should I use which averaging or is it in all cases the coherent averaging is better? In your reply to my question, you showed a very small signal with noise may I know how you created that signal in AD2 and what is the SNR of that signal? It seems that with that small signal it is still able to get a decent bode plot which increase
  3. Dear experts, May I know how the AD2 waveform 15 calculates the phase difference in the bode plot of network analyser? And how does the averaging/average function works? Does it help decrease my signal noise or is there anyway/functions to have a more accurate phase difference reading? I attached a picture, and I would like to ask if the AD2 is able to capture the phase difference between this 2 signal or is it too noisy? Thanks a lot for reading!