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  1. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I don't need a prebuilt image. I need to be able to build the image myself. regards, Jason
  2. Hi, I'm looking for instructions for building the out of box SD card image for the Genesys ZU xczu3EG from the source repositories. I have been unable to find complete build instructions using a google search or in the repositories them selves. regards, Jason
  3. Hi, I have have two Genesys ZU boards. Powered up out of the box the ERR LED comes on and there is no activity on the terminal. The quick start guide says I just connect the usb, power them up, and Linux should boot on the terminal. When I connect the USB I see the two new COM ports in Tera Term, but when the board powers on the ERR LED comes on right away and there is no activity on the terminal. The preloaded SD card is in the slot and the jumper is set to SD. How do I resolve this issue? regards, Jason