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  1. Hi! Nice to hear that a “record to file” functionality will be added! For my understanding: currently a data chunk of 128e6 14-bit samples can be recorded continuously in one go, correct? That would mean that if I would like to record one single channel with 100e3 samples/sec (100 kHz) that I could capture 1280 seconds = 21.33 minutes. If I would like to record twice as fast the length of the data chunk would half. Do I get the logic right? Thank you very much! Malte
  2. Hello Attila! Thanks a lot for the quick response! I have difficulties extracting the relevant information from App’s help section. Is that 4MS/s continuous sampling functionality you mentioned directly accessible via the GUI or is there any scripting/coding necessary to implement it? What I mean: it would be nice to have (at least as the simplest and straight-forward option) a simple record-button which would if pressed start recording the analog data to hard disk until it is pressed again. Thanks again for the support! Malte
  3. Hello! We are thinking about purchasing the ADP3450 for various lab applications. From the documentation I found on your website I am not sure if the device can sample the analog channels continuously, and if so, at which sample rate. By “continuous sampling” I mean that the device captures data (potentially indefinitely long) on the analog channels and sends it to the control computer where it would then be stored. I read about the datalogger function, but if I understood correctly, it runs only up to 10 Hz sampling rate, which would be way to low in our case. Thank you very much fo