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  1. Thanks. In the analog discovery, the oscilloscope channel can be used as simple voltmeter. It would be good to keep that functionality. Also, I am glad that an ammeter will be available for the analog discovery in the future. That will likely be everything I need.
  2. Thanks. It's great that a new version with ammeter is planned. However, on first view it looks like the DMM has only one channel. However, we would like to measure voltage and current in the same circuit simultanuously. The Analog Discovery has to voltmeter channels shared with the oscilloscope. Are these still available in the Pro version? So could we measure with two voltage channels (oscilloscope) and the one DMM channel (for the ammeter) simultanuously? Also for the wavefronts software, it would be great if all simultanuous voltage and current measurements can be logged in a table wit
  3. I am exploring Analog Discovery Studio with WaveForms for a our undergraduate student lab. It is easy to get the oscilloscope data saved and exported, but for several experiments/analyses we would need the output of the waveform data on the same time scale as the oscilloscope data (e.g., to measure a phase shift). How can I generate tables that contain the wavegen output on the same time base as the oscilloscope channels? Is there any easy function such as a drop down menu to add them to the table when recording oscilloscope data with WaveForms?
  4. Are there any plans of offering a true Ammeter as add-on or in a new version of the Analog Discovery Studio? I know there is a work around of measuring the voltage drop over a known resistor. But that restricts the positions in the circuit where you can measure the current and is not satisfactory for student labs.