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  1. hello @JColvin I tried many things after that couldnt get to make the custom RTL verilog module work. I then thought of trying to flash a simple hello world sketch, I followed similar steps added IP blocks needed created a wrapper, generated bitstream, exported hardware, went to SDK. Build example hello world application and tested with Launch on Hardware (which worked as expected). Then created a boot image using fsbl and this application. this time luckily there was no errors flashing it said Flash Operation Successful but when i switched over to QSPI and powered it on, the prog
  2. hello @JColvin I am using vivado 2019.1 and sdk 2019.1 Thanks
  3. Hello, I am new to FPGAs. Recently I bought a ARTY Z7. I wrote basic verilog code and programmed it it worked fine. Then i wanted to use the QSPI to flash the board so that the configuration gets loaded after poweroff. I tried a lot debugging why it was not working but i have no clue. I also went through lot of similar forum posts and i tried most of them but didnt work yet for me. These are the things i did in short. the program device is working properly only i am having trouble with the flashing QSPI I kept the jumper in JTAG position I have taken Zynq Processing Sy