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  1. Hello everyone, a time ago I got a Nexys Video board. Today I wanted to check something on the reference page of this board. It seems that there was a small mix-up with the words logic "slices" and "cells". In the info on the right side there is written: "Logic Cells: 33,650 (4 6-input LUTs & 8 flip-flops each)" I think it should be logic slices instead of logic cells. Link: Greetings, MrMcChicken
  2. Hello, I found the problem and solution. I lauchend the 'Vivado HLS 2015.4' shortcut and not the 'Vivado 2015.4' shortcut, The 'Vivado 2015.4' shortcut was not working at first so I thought the other will work fine too. But it seem that both are a bit different. I thought I can start a project like it is described in the tutorial with both. So is HLS for programming a FPGA in C? It seems so to me. Vivado did not start because: The desktop shortcut was aiming to: E:\Xilinx\Vivado\2015.4\bin\unwrapped\win64.o\vvgl.exe C:\Xilinx\Vivado\2015.4\bin\vivado.bat I have changed it to: E:\Xilinx\Vivado\2015.4\bin\unwrapped\win64.o\vvgl.exe E:\Xilinx\Vivado\2015.4\bin\vivado.bat Now Vivado lauches. There I can select the boards I want. Everything seems to be fine :). Sorry for opening this kind of useless thread :/.
  3. Hello, I want to start using FPGAs. At this moment I have no board but I am hoping to get one soon. Yesterday I installed the Vivado WebPack edition 2015.4. Currently I want to learn how to use the Software. I have seen some Tutorials on the Digilent Wiki. So I wanted to install some board files to use with Vivado. Somehow I can not get them to be displayed on the 'Create New Project' wizard. I downloaded the board files and put the folders ( arty,nexys_video,nexys4 ... ) into: E:\Xilinx\Vivado\2015.4\data\boards\board_files. When I start a new project I enter a name at the first page. I skip the two 'Add/Remove Files' pages and then I try to select a board at the 'Solution Configuration' window. If I switch from 'Parts' to 'Boards' there are boards displayed but not those which are in the 'board_files' folder. The list contains eight Virtex boards. I have no Virtex board files in the 'board_files' folder. Is the location where I put the files wrong? I have already searched for other possible locations. It seems that the board which are listed are saved at: C:\Users\MrMcChicken\AppData\Local\Xilinx\DocNav\hubs\boards_and_kits If I chang the files there the list at the 'Create New Project' wizard doesn't changes. This confuses me just even more. How and where do I have to place the board files?
  4. Hello, I am new to this forum, so I may introduce myself first. I am from Germany and currentlly visiting a technical college here. Next year I will go to a University to study electronic engineering. My biggest hobby is to waste some time with electronics. I really like microcontroller and spend already some time programming them. Now I want to continue with FPGAs. I want to be able to handle some faster data transmissions compared to microcontrollers. My questions now are about the Pmod connectors. How fast data transmissions can I get? In the document which is aviable at the Zybo page there is written that a regular pin can handle 24MHz. How about the high-speed Pmods? Will it be able to achive a maximum of about 200MHz? Is it possible to short the 200Ohm resistors of the normal Pmods to use them as high-speed Pmods or is the PCB layout not suitable? Greetings, MrMcChicken