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  1. Hello @yyuan, Is the diode hot? Take care if you touch it cause if it really is you'll get burned. You can try to remove the diode and see if the board if it powers again. You might have a chance of getting it back. Also, I would recommend not just removing the diode, but replacing it. If the board works without diode, SMBJ5.0A is its part number. Good luck, Bianca
  2. Hello @zygot, Sorry for the late reply. I wanted to try and replicate this behavior and tried to connect the board to the HW Manager without the UART to see if it crashed and it did but it took it more than 5 hours. After that I opened a terminal to see what is happening. I checked Vivado after about half an hour and the target was already disconnected. We started to look into the issue to see exactly what is happening. Best regards, Bianca
  3. Bianca

    Nexys 4 DDR

    Hi @nac, Please check your private messenger. Best regards, Bianca
  4. Hi @akavia, Please check your private messenger. Best regards, Bianca
  5. Sorry, I just checked the project and the one published is Rev C. I looked for the Rev E but I can't find it. I will come back to you after I get the correct revision. Best regards, Bianca
  6. Hello @akavia, The PCB project for the max32 is public on our reference page here: You can find it on the table from the right at Physical Design Resources. Best regards, Bianca
  7. Hi Nicolas, I’m sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, we also don’t have the resources (tools and technicians) to repair the broken boards. Even if you didn’t make the mistake to connect the wave-gen with the scope and everything was wired up correctly, you would’ve ended burning your device because Analog Discovery 2 is not capable of measuring 80V, its limit being 50V. Since this isn't a manufacturing defect, it is also not covered by warranty so we can't replace it. I’m sorry we can’t help more. Best regards, Bianca
  8. Bianca

    Impact 13.2

    Hi Jennifer, I believe impact 13.2 is not compatible with the 64-bit operating system. Try the latest version 14.7. We use this one on 64-bit op systems without problems. Best regards, Bianca
  9. Hello @expplane, You don't need to uninstall the previous version. It will make you an update with the current one. Best regards, Bianca
  10. Hi @pake342, Unfortunately, we don't have Plexiglas cover for the Nexys4 DDR. Best regards, Bianca
  11. Hi @praveen You'll find the Nexys Video step file on the reference page, here: Best regards, Bianca
  12. Hello, Unfortunately, we can't release the layout files for the Nexys Video since part of the design is proprietary. Regarding the step file, we can provide one in few days. Best regards, Bianca
  13. Hi @Sklozgos, Check your private messenger for the solution. Best regards, Bianca
  14. Hi @Joey Gold, It is 5V compatible, which means that you can see 5V signals. You won't be able to output from the Discovery 5V signal because the source is not capable of any of that. Best regards, Bianca
  15. We have the Electronics Exporer which has 4 scope channels but only two channels for AWG. It's more expensive and includes a solderless breadboard and +/-9V variable power supply, when the Discovery would give only 5. I don't know if these features would help you on your project or on the future. You can see the product here: and the resource center with the reference manual and the full specs, here:
  16. Hi @amchagas, Sorry for the delayed answer. It is possible to perform all these with AD2 but only on 2 channels for output and also you can record only two signals. You can't control the hardware with custom software, but, as Zygot said, the current software offers the possibility of writing custom commands based on existing APIs. Best regards, Bianca
  17. Bianca

    410-319 Mounting

    Hi Matt, Unfortunately, I can't really see how you could put the board in a chassis. It wasn't designed for screws but for rubber feet. Normally, we keep both in mind and we put holes on the board even if it will have rubber feet like the Basys3 has but in the case of Arty this was not done and you have buttons or traces and plans on the corners of the board. Sliding the board into a chassis can't be done ether because on the right part of the board you have some resistances close to the edge. On the left, the USB and Ethernet port will keep you from that. On the upper part the PMODs are
  18. Hi @dzabakh, Some of out distributors are qualified to sell with academic discount. You should contact the distributor and see if that is the case. We can sell in Russia, as we have distributors but we can ship directly there. If you are situated in another country were we can ship directly, I believe that is possible. If you gave all the details and the academic account was accepted I suggest you to contact sales directly at [email protected] to give you the exact details of the procedure and you'll see what suits you best. Best regards, Bianca
  19. Hi @bwheeler, I'll step in just a bit and maybe @jpeyron might troubleshoot further with you and I'll take over tomorrow if it's not solved by then. To make sure I understand, you opened the device manager and it says "No target open" which is normal, then when you clicked on auto connect you didn't have the variant of programming the device. After INFO: [Labtools 27-2285] Connecting to hw_server url TCP:localhost:3121 it needs to go further and and open the hw target but I guess it just latches there and this is why you don't have the option of programming the device. Please send m
  20. Hi @Vivadong69, Please see the document attached. In addition, please make sure that the USB cable has data wires not just power and if possible try to use another one, which you used before for data transfer. Best regards, Bianca Device Manager.docx
  21. Hello @dzabakh, Due to recent changes in export restrictions, we are unable to ship directly into Russia. We recommend you purchase Digilent products through an authorized reseller. You have here the list of our distributors. Best regards, Bianca
  22. Hi @Vivadong69, First of all, is your board powering? Can you see the demo running on the board? I need to tell you to make sure that the board is on when you try to program it. (I had users who didn't turn the board on, so I need to take every step with everyone). Second, like Dan said, I need a screen shot to see how is the board recognized by the computer. Can you send me one and make sure you point out the device or tell me if nothing shows up. That error is typically given when the board is not powered. This is why I need first to know that the board is powering and you can see
  23. Hi @praveen, Unfortunately, we can't release the layout project for the Nexys Video. What exactly do you need from the layout? Best regards, Bianca
  24. Hello, If you look below in the pinout table you will see that according to the schematic, A8 is assigned to pin 22. That line in the manual is not accurate and I will have it checked. Thanks for noticing and sorry for the mistake. Best regards, Bianca
  25. Hello, You can check the schematic to see which pins have pull-up resistors and which not. Best regards, Bianca