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  1. I don't know if you can do that. You can try though. Bianca
  2. Hello Nan-Sheng, J12 is for when you want to use an external programmer for your board to program with the JTAG. But you don't really need that because the interface is already included through USB. If you don't want to connect your board directly to USB and you power it with an external power supply, you can use this kind of programmers with the board. and you can use pins to interface with the board. But, like I said you don't normally need that. Regarding the JP6, there are multiple configuration modes but we didn't put all
  3. I won't be able to assist you every step and check codes for errors and bugs. You just have to find what works for you. You have to know what is important to understand. In your case, the VGA, at first. As fast as you understand it and you'll know how to manipulate the pixels, you can make them do what you want. Beside that, you'll have to figure out, how you want to make your map, and the obstacles, your score and whatever you might need and how you will access them. If you will need help with something specific, like how to read something from the memory or whatever you might struggle with,
  4. Hi @Venkata Ratnam Chamakuri, If you don't have experience with this kind of stuff, my suggestion is taking it step by step. I don't know if this is a project for school or you want to learn something but if you have time I suggest you to start with the basics. 1. Remove the keyboard and just try to understand the VGA . Try to draw things on your monitor, a circle, a rectangle, change the colors, draw the Olympic Circles to make sure you understand how the colors combine and how to avoid
  5. Good! Thanks. I will send you a private message in the next hour with a solution. Best regards, Bianca
  6. Hi @niko, Can you please look in device manager under properties at the Hardware ID of the board? Thanks, Bianca
  7. Hi @Evengwain, Unfortunately we can't release the layout for the Nexys Video. All our public sources are already on the reference page of the board. Best regards, Bianca
  8. Hi @JongSeob, HDMI_RX_PEEN is not routed. We didn't want the feature in our board and it was a mistake that the pin remained named. If you want to use it, you should check the specification AD8195. T3 is also not connected and for the PROG pins, they are part of the programming solution that we implement on our board and is a proprietary design. It should be where is the blank page in the schematic. That is the USB interface with the board. You should be able to find another programming solution for your board. You can ignore those pins Best regards, Bianca
  9. Hello @Martin Filipp, Make sure you have the latest version of Waveforms. For the Analog Discovery the application is now included. Enter in device manager->My device is not listed Make sure you don't have any other FTDI devices connected to the computer 1. Press find Devices 2.Select the device that appears 3. Select Analog Discovery2 4. Program Best regards, Bianca
  10. Hi Glenn, First of all, you can't have 4.2V on RX because you'll burn the FPGA on the ZED. I don't know how you measured that but It doesn't seem correct. Second, the crossover has to make the connection between the DB9 connectors. Because you are interfacing with the PMOD not directly to the FPGA. Maybe I wasn't explicit. Since you don't have access between the PMOD and the FPGA board and make changes there, you need to match the PMOD RS232. In this case the connections you made are not correct because you have two DCE instead of one DCE and one DTE. RX of your adapter board
  11. Hi @gcp, I was trying to find out how is configured the DB9 on the SARA U270 and I saw that it didn't have a DB9 connector, which means that you are using an adapter board of which we know nothing. Out PMOD is configured as DCE, if your adapter board is also configured as DCE you'll need a crossover cable.. You'll have to check the pinout of the adapter board. I am not sure what sara is...but I saw that is some kind of cellular module,, which means that it acts as a data communication equipment (DCE), which means that the FPGA will be the terminal. You have to match the communicatio
  12. Hi @ldj, You have a private message. Best regards, Bianca
  13. Hi @JePa, You have a private message. Best regards, Bianca
  14. Hi @bytebus, You have a private message. Sorry for the delay. I was out of office all week. Best regards, Bianca
  15. Hello @Deepak Srirama Bairy, You have a private message. Best regards, Bianca
  16. Hi Alison, Please check your personal email. I will need some purchase details for your device. Best regards, Bianca
  17. Hi @LeoZ, Please try to use another USB cable, change the USB port and check if you still can't see the power led (LD20 in the upper left corner) coming on. Can you feel any particular hot areas on your board? Near the FPGA or around the power supplies. If you do, please visually inspect the board to see if you can see something burned in that area. Please also measure some voltages with the board powered on. 3V3 on any PMOD header 5V0 on C107 (right above IC10, near the inductors on the bottom) 1V0 on the hole above the second element from the seven segment display. You ca
  18. Hi @zygot We also tested the same cable with other boards. It seems that the Cmod is more affected. It happens even with our cables, so if you have cables from Digilent, don't use those. We are working to solve this out but for now, high speed USB cables are working. Best regards, Bianca
  19. Bianca

    JTAG HS2 completely silent

    Hi @gm_, Please check your private messenger Best regards, Bianca
  20. Bianca

    JTAG HS2 completely silent

    Hi @gm_, Can you please tell me if it enumerates in any way in device manager? I need to know it there's anything that shows up. Even unknown device. Best regards, Bianca
  21. Hi @zygot, Sorry for the delayed answer. The problem was looked into and it seems that the issue is caused by the USB cable. Please try to use a high speed USB cable as those are pretty much guaranteed to be properly constructed and should work without having data errors Best regards, Bianca
  22. Hi @Dex, You have a private message. Best regards, Bianca
  23. @kpax, It seems you have an issue with the drivers on this one. Sometimes when you install Vivado the drivers don't install correctly. So, if you have vivado Installed, please try to install manually the drivers. Here is the path to file the cable drives, It's the same on each installer: C:\Xilinx\Vivado\2015.4\data\xicom\cable_drivers\nt64\digilent I have a previous version of Vivado, you'll have 2017.2 Please try this and if it's not working we'll see if there's anything else we can do Best regards, Bianca
  24. Hi @masterfoo, You have a private message with a solution. Best regards, Bianca