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  1. Hi @Jayshree, Here you have the datasheet of the Diode. Regards, Bianca
  2. Bianca

    Arty a7

    Just a micro B usb cable to connect to the computer and you're set.
  3. Bianca

    Arty a7

    You can download Vivado from here: Regarding the version, you can chose whatever you want. Most of our projects with Arty A7 are in Vivado 2018.2, so if you want to open the projects and give them a run without updating IPs you can try to use the same version. It can be found in Archive: Here you have info's about the installer: Basically, what it does is to download an executable that you need to run. Once you run it will start to download and install the vivado. Keep in mind that you need ~30GB space on your disk at installation and you will also need a Xilinx account. and when you install make sure you check the WebPACK which is the free version. From this point is just a standard installation. Good luck Bianca. PS: We have an older installing tutorial for 14.3 version of Vivado. Like I said, you can find a bunch of tutorials, to help you, but you need to take some time and read through them. The getting started tutorial I've pointed to you in the above response, starts with a link to Installing Vivado. I think the licencing for webpack is changed from when the tutorial was made. I don't know if you still need a licence. The chapter is covered in the tutorial, but I think that from 2018.1 for webpack you don't need anything else besides installing the sw.
  4. Bianca

    Arty a7

    Hi @Isa5555, Have you looked at our getting started tutorials? On the Reference page you have documentation, tutorials and projects to help you get started with the board. Regards, Bianca
  5. Hi @t-bone, The WaveForms can import Comma Separated Values (.csv) and Tab-Delimited Text files (.txt). Regards, Bianca
  6. Hi @Christoph Gollinger, Thanks for waiting. So, the issue was that when it was implemented the fine tuning for the new version of waveforms, it seems it has broken something and you can see that jitter. With our setup we could see what you was seeing with yours. We switch to an earlier version of waveforms and everything worked fine. We still have to investigate why the issue has appeared and how we can fix it without giving up to the new feature. Meanwhile, if you want to make your experiment and not experience the jitter, I recommend you to use an older version of Waveforms. We tested in 3.10.9 and it worked fine. Can you test it with this version and let us know if you still have troubles? You can find it here: Regards, Bianca
  7. Bianca

    Arty A7

    Hi @Mohan_Raj_Sony, You can access the pins through the XDC of the Arty A7 just as you do with the PMODS. As for the analog sensors. they can be interfaced through the Analog pins in the shield, however, it is not 5V compatible. Anything above 3.4V will damage the FPGA. For more details please consult the reference manual of the Arty A7 Regards, Bianca
  8. Hi @Christoph Gollinger, Thanks for your patience. Like James said, we were able to reproduce the error and it's not due your set-up. From the hardware point of view we couldn't find the errors while investigating the discovery so we hope to be able to fix this with software. However, our colleague responsible with Waveforms is on medical leave. We'll return with an answer as soon as possible. Best regards, Bianca
  9. Bianca

    ZedBoard PCAM

    Hi @elAmericano, Our colleague @OvidiuD is working on this project currently and would be suited to assist you. Regards, Bianca
  10. Hi @Sonal, If you want to stick to the ZYNQ, we've replaced the original Zybo with Zybo Z7. It comes in two FPGA sizes depending on your needs. It's an upgrade from the original board. It also comes with a MIPI connector for interfacing camera in case you also have classes on video processing. This would be the best replacement if you'll like to stick to the same form factor, same FPGA and have a bit more capability. If you don't plan on going on with a ZYNQ and want to switch to a Artix FPGA I recommend Nexys A7 which we recommend for ECE students. This also comes with two FPGA sizes. Both boards come with leds buttons, switches, Ethernet 5 Pmod connectors. Nexys comes with VGA and Zybo Z7 with HDMI. Nexys has 7 segm display but Zybo Z7 has the camera interface and audio interface. Both would suit you for the ECE class. If you have questions about the boards, let me know. Best regards, Bianca
  11. Bianca

    CORA Z8 Power supplies

    Hi @PW2 We didn't specify this in the Pmod Interface Specification but it shouldn't be more than 100mA. The 3V3 power supply is designed to provide 2A, however, it is used to power other ICs on the board, the FPGA bank and not only to be output in the Pmod or shield interface. Regards, Bianca
  12. Hi @Christoph Gollinger, We tried to recreate the workspace but couldn't do it completely. Can you please save your workspace and attach it here? Also you were saying that you receive a pulse every 10ms. Where do you get it from? Is it from an external source? Thanks, Bianca
  13. Hi @Honders, Can you show me how you are trying to acquire the signal from the mic in Waveforms? Thanks, Bianca
  14. Hello @padma, Our products are in the commercial temperature range from 0-70 Celsius degrees. Although the microcontroller might resist to your desired operating temperature, some of the other components on the board might not. We didn't test this particular product in the -40/+85 range as it is meant for industrial components. Best regards, Bianca
  15. Hi @Juan Moon, The part for the diode is SMBJ5.0A and the part for the fuse is 0603SFV350F/32-2. You can also check the schematic as the parts are listed: Regards, Bianca
  16. Not on the CSI-2 interface. Maybe UART or SPI cameras on Pmods, however not for filming but for picture capturing only. I don't know what you want to achieve, but if you plan of using that many cameras, I guess is for continuously filming from different angles. I don't see how you can do that with the Zybo. Bianca
  17. Hi @CharlieLe, It is not possible to attach more than one camera to the Zybo Z7. We've created a FMC PCAM Adapter that support 4 cameras, however, you need a board with a FMC carrier like ZedBoard, Genesys2, Nexys Video or Genesys ZU. Best regards, Bianca
  18. Hi @EMR, Just the fact that you are able to read the device ID proves that the SPI is working that you have a clock and some data reading. I've contacted the manufacturing department with the pictures you sent and they assured that this device is rated 2.7-3.6V. If the device would've been rated to 1.8V at this point you would not be able to read anything as the maximum rating for the 1.8 is 2.4V. At 3.3V it would be burned. I don't know if it's in some kind of writing protection mode, if it has any, or why you are not able to do other operations. I asked my colleague @JColvin to work with you on this, as I don't have a module in my office so I can't test it. Best regards, Bianca
  19. Hi @Ramunas, You have a private message. Regards, Bianca
  20. Hi @nettimelogic, We didn't program the MAC Address anywhere during the manufacturing process. The missing schematic page is referring to a proprietary design for the programming circuitry. Best regards, Bianca
  21. Hi @EMR, You have the 3.3V version. FBGA is fine pitch ball grid array package. they chose a shorter code to identify each part number because it wouldn't fit on the capsule. However, the package you have on the PMOD is SOP2 16 as you can see from the part number: This is the part equipped on your pmod: I don't have a pmod SF3 in the office, but according to this document, you can see what each number means for the SOP2 package. We don't have any PMOD operating below 3.3V. I hope this helps. Regards, Bianca
  22. Hi @mladenik, I'm sorry your PMOD failed, It's a very long shot to get it work again since it's only one chip and doesn't have extra things. Most likely something wend wrong it it, either from an ESD event or some kind of short circuit. If you can, you can at least exclude a short circuit by measuring the impedance between VCC /DATA pins and GND. If you don't have power at all, if you don't have the 3V3, it can be either that it's a short circuit on one of the capacitors or that something went wrong with the chip. If it's a capacitor, you take it down, and it might have a small chance to work again. Normally a burned capacitor can be visible optically. If the filtering capacitors are fine, then you should think give up on the PMOD if you are not willing to replace the DAC. Best regards, Bianca
  23. Bianca

    Arty 7 missing usb page 11

    Hello @SFant, No, it's not a mistake. That page contains the programming solution which is proprietary design therefore, is missing from the public version of the schematic. Best regards, Bianca
  24. Hi @Sukho Lee, You have a private message. Best regards, Bianca
  25. Bianca

    Arty-S7-50 board layer

    Hi @chikuma, The Arty S7 PCB has 8 layers. Regards, Bianca