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  1. As an addition to what Ciprian said because you can use 2015.1 without any problems, please try to reinstall Vivado 2015.4. It might be possible to be some problems from installation. Put again the board files and make an update to the driver cables (if necessary).
  2. Sorry for late answering. I can't tell why it works on 2015.1 and not on 2015.4. I asked one of my colleagues who has more experience with Zybo. We'll get back to you once we have a solution for your problem.
  3. Bianca

    ZYBO peripherals

    Hello, For Vivado you can't find a UCF file, that works only with ISE. You can find the constraints file on Zybo's page here and it's called Master XDC. Best regards, Bianca
  4. Attached here you'll find the datasheet of the connector. The model used is DCCH-CAP-B. In the part list of the AD2 at J4 connector all the information I could see is its part number and the dimension which was 6mm x 2mm. DCCH-CAP-B.pdf
  5. I'm glad it worked. Since you couldn't see the JTAG chain in the hardware manager, the board was not programmed correctly because Vivado couldn't see your board. Once you installed the drivers the program recognized it and from now on you should not have any problems. Have fun with your Zybo! Best regards, Bianca
  6. Ok, first of all, stick to the board files. Second, you said that your board doesn't work. You can't see leds light nor the buttons and switches are working, so I have a few other questions for you 1. Are you sure that the board was programmed? Did the DONE led (LD10) light up? 2. When you program the FPGA does the JTAG chain appear in the hardware manager? If no, does you board appear like serial com in the windows's device manager? Also you can make an update to your cable drivers. in order to do that you should go to the following path: C:\Xilinx\Vivado\2015.4\data\xicom\cable_drivers\nt64 and install intstall_drivers.exe . Let me know how this works.
  7. Hello Ag, From what I see here you are using the board files for your Zybo. Did you copy the board files into the new version of Vivado? Also, Have you tried selecting the FPGA manually, not using the board files? If not, please try it this way and see with a simple blinking leds project if the board is working. Let me know what you find. Best regards, Bianca
  8. Hello, I'm sorry for this. we've modified what's on our wiki page to correspond with what is on the schematic, which is correct. I also made a request for the PDF to be changed. Attached here you can find the UCF file corresponding to the CoolRonner II so you can check the signals. Best regards, Bianca netio.ucf
  9. Hello Bence, For this information you should address your question to [email protected] They should be able to give you an exact price and tell you if you can have some discounts giving that your order is significant. Best regards, Bianca
  10. Hello, Unfortunately we cannot release schematic/pcb files for our boards. The information we can offer is already public on our website. The schematic of the board is public but only in PDF format here Best regards, Bianca
  11. Hello, Here you can find the XDC file for the Zybo board. Best regards, Bianca
  12. Hello, All the devices Analog Discovery 1, Analog Discovery 2 and Analog Discovery 2 NI edition are supported by Labview. Best regards, Bianca
  13. Hello, The header pin is a 1x6 female connector with 100 mils pitch. You can find here a document about the PMODS we have and the connectors we use. Best regards, Bianca
  14. Hello Andy, did you checked at installing to install SDK too? It's not automatically installed. Bianca
  15. Hello, Unfortunately the PCB layout is not public and we cannot provide you the files. What I can do is give you the mechanical details extracted from the gerbers. You'll find them attached in this post. Let me know if I can help you with anything else.
  16. Hello Welee, The FMC-HDMI doesn't have a I2C mux for the different ports as it can be seen here. you will have to use two of them. Regarding the communication for the FMC HDMI you will find the pinout on the reference manual : LA25_P HDMI1_SDA LA21_N HDMI1_SCL You have to look which pin goes to the FPGA and make the connection. If this is the problem. If the problem is the register address for the initialization you can find all the details in this document.
  17. Hello Pieter, Attached here you will find a document with the trace length you requested. Best regards, Bianca Arty_lengths.txt
  18. Hello, In order to reset your board, you could simply but a new bootloader on it. Attached here you can find instructions for the bootloader and you can also find the hex file here Best regards, Bianca Bootloader.docx
  19. Hello Wellee, The AD7611 is an analog devices chip so you might find some documentation there. I looked it up a bit but what I could find was for another FMC and it says that for ADV7611 the initialization is the same as for AD7511[]=adv7611#using_the_reference_design They also have the engineeringzone page where you can find discussions and projects around this chips. I found something that i think it can help here. You can browse more into this sections and you'll find helpful things. Best regards, Bianca
  20. Hello Toby, Unfortunate, we cannot provide the full layout of the board and we do not have hyperlynx models of the lines. What I can tell you is that it respects the FMC standard 50Ohm impedance for single ended and 100ohm impedance for differential traces. Also I can give you the traces length for the FMC connector so you can calculate the speed. Attached here you can find the traces length. I hope this helps! Best regards, Bianca FMC_traces.txt
  21. Nice project! Thank you for sharing it with us! JColvin, about windows10, even if it's not yet official from Xilinx, Vivado 2015.4 does work on W10. I tested it on some projects with Basys3 and it worked flawless. You don't need extra configuration for it, just the classical installation.
  22. Hello, If you are asking for the solution from the exercise on Real Analog, you can find the solutions here . If you are looking for homework solution, we don't have them. On that page you can find the whole documentation. I hope it helps. Best regards, Bianca
  23. Hello, We don't have any plans to change the ZedBoard with a new board but we're always working on something new and exciting. You can never know
  24. Hello Tifei, It is right, if you remove R408 you can power VDAJ with external power source. Once you've removed the resistance, IC37 will be left open, won't power anything and IC34 won't measure the current anymore. You have to take care of the circuits that are powered from VADJ, to be compatible with the voltage value you want to bring from your external source. Also you have to respect the power-up/power-down sequence with the other internal power sources. For example, it's not recommended to turn off the board with VADJ externally powered. Best regards, Bianca