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  1. Incaution erase the EEPROM of JTAG-HS3 Programmer

    Hi @JePa, You have a private message. Best regards, Bianca
  2. Electronics Explorer Troubleshooting

    Hi @NEP, Please check your private messenger. Best regards, Bianca
  3. Incaution erase the EEPROM of JTAG-HS3 Programmer

    Hi @bytebus, You have a private message. Sorry for the delay. I was out of office all week. Best regards, Bianca
  4. JTAG-HS2 firmware erased by accident

    Hello @Deepak Srirama Bairy, You have a private message. Best regards, Bianca
  5. Hi Alison, Please check your personal email. I will need some purchase details for your device. Best regards, Bianca
  6. Warranty for Basys 3 board?

    Hi @LeoZ, Please try to use another USB cable, change the USB port and check if you still can't see the power led (LD20 in the upper left corner) coming on. Can you feel any particular hot areas on your board? Near the FPGA or around the power supplies. If you do, please visually inspect the board to see if you can see something burned in that area. Please also measure some voltages with the board powered on. 3V3 on any PMOD header 5V0 on C107 (right above IC10, near the inductors on the bottom) 1V0 on the hole above the second element from the seven segment display. You can use the ground from the PMOD) 1V8 on the hole above the BASYS 3 logo with the ground from the PMOD Let us know if you can find a short circuit. @BogdanVanca please follow up with the issue. Best regards, Bianca
  7. Hi @zygot We also tested the same cable with other boards. It seems that the Cmod is more affected. It happens even with our cables, so if you have cables from Digilent, don't use those. We are working to solve this out but for now, high speed USB cables are working. Best regards, Bianca
  8. JTAG HS2 completely silent

    Hi @gm_, Please check your private messenger Best regards, Bianca
  9. JTAG HS2 completely silent

    Hi @gm_, Can you please tell me if it enumerates in any way in device manager? I need to know it there's anything that shows up. Even unknown device. Best regards, Bianca
  10. Hi @zygot, Sorry for the delayed answer. The problem was looked into and it seems that the issue is caused by the USB cable. Please try to use a high speed USB cable as those are pretty much guaranteed to be properly constructed and should work without having data errors Best regards, Bianca
  11. JTAG-SMT2 Connection Issue to Xilinx Vivado

    Hi @Dex, You have a private message. Best regards, Bianca
  12. @kpax, It seems you have an issue with the drivers on this one. Sometimes when you install Vivado the drivers don't install correctly. So, if you have vivado Installed, please try to install manually the drivers. Here is the path to file the cable drives, It's the same on each installer: C:\Xilinx\Vivado\2015.4\data\xicom\cable_drivers\nt64\digilent I have a previous version of Vivado, you'll have 2017.2 Please try this and if it's not working we'll see if there's anything else we can do Best regards, Bianca
  13. HS2 no longer found by adept util

    Hi @masterfoo, You have a private message with a solution. Best regards, Bianca
  14. Cmod A7 FT2232H

    Hi @Hansmoman, You have a private message regarding your issue. Best regards, Bianca
  15. Hi @kpax, You have a private message. Best regards, Bianca
  16. ATMEL USB firmware

    Hi @shanshe, You'll have a private message as well. Best regards, Bianca
  17. Hi Matt, Please check your private messenger for the solution. Best regards, Bianca
  18. USB problems booting NetFPGA-SUME card

    Hello @sbobrowicz, @malexander Can you please take a look at this? Cheers, Bianca
  19. Maximum continuous sample rate

    Hi @Max Fomitchev-Zamilov, The maximum sampling rate achievable for the Discovery2 is 100MS/s Best regards, Bianca
  20. Digilent Breadboard Adapter for AD2

    Hi @Jon Frey, The BreadBoard adapter has no version of coming unpopulated. You can remove that connector, or leave it be and you can make hardwired connections on the bottom. The package comes with the solderless breadboard unattached to the board so that would be an extra for you and it's not necessary to use, unless you want to. Regarding the PCB files, unfortunately, we don't release release them. Best regards, Bianca Peterlin
  21. BOOT.bin (Boot Image from SDK) Doesn't Work

    Hi @Robiert SepĂșlveda Torres, I think I can help you recover the programming way using the cable but regarding your project, I can't see how you generated, what went wrong and when, that you were not able to generate the BIN file correctly. You'll find a private message regarding the FTDI issue. Best regards, Bianca
  22. digilent usb-jtag cable can't be found by Impact 14.7

    Hi @smetz39, Please check your private message. We'll discuss more over there. Best regards, Bianca
  23. Hi @MAK, I posted an answer for you on the other topic you opened. The tutorial had a mistake. It is corrected now, Sorry for the troubles. Best regards, Bianca
  24. Hi @MAK, Analog Discovery doesn't have variable user voltage supplies. The voltage is fixed to +5V and -5V, therefore you can't ajust them. Analog Discovery 2 has variable user power supplies and the option can be seen in the Waveforms software when you connect a Discovery 2 or in demo mode. As you can see in the specification of the product for Analog Discovery says: And for Analog Discovery 2 In the Waveforms reference manual you can see how it looks for both Analog Discovery and Analog Discovery 2. That green bar shows you the consumption of the power supplies. Best regards, Bianca
  25. Academic Pricing

    @JColvin, Can you please check this? I am not sure if this is a site error or something wrong with his account. @Whey, Is your email address the same that you used to login on the forum? If not, can you please send it to my colleague in a private message? Best regards, Bianca