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  1. HS2 cable hot. Broken?

    Hi @paulgrangeray, Can you indicate where is the PCB becoming hot? Was it hot enough to melt the protection coat? Thanks, Bianca
  2. PYNQ-Z1 doesn't start

    Hi @naoya, You have a private message regarding this issue. Regards, Bianca
  3. FT232H chip configuration on the HS2 JTAG cable

    Hi @AlexB, You have a private message. Best regards, Bianca
  4. Hi @Marwan, For ISE Webpack, Xilinx will generate a separate free licence but you'll have to and register on the Xilinx website and download ISE from there. However, for Basys3 you will need Vivado since ISE supports until Spartan-6 and Basys 3 is already Artix-7. If you still have problems licencing, I suggest you to contact Xilinx since you'll get a faster answer than through us. They have a support section here: They also have a community forum and a service portal if your questions are not solved with the documentation they provided: Best regards, Bianca
  5. Some layout dimensions and coordinates for Arty-7 board

    HI @mishu, A am not sure which Arty-7 are you referring to, so I attached A7 and Z7. Since you wanted just the dimensions, I didn't export a step file. You have them in the documents attached. If you want the step file, let me know and I'll announce our mechanical engineer. I might take a few days, giving the fact that is weekend Best regards, Bianca Arty_Z7.pdf ArtyA7.pdf
  6. jtag-smt2 not recognized

    Hi @csong Can you show me a picture from your device manager.? Tell me if anything shows up when you connect the cable. Even Unknown device. If anythings shows, please tell me the Hardware ID under device manager, properties. Let me know what you find. Also, has the device ever work? Best regards, Bianca
  7. jtag-smt2 not recognized

    Hi @csong, Is you SMT2 on a board or you are just checking the module? You have to give it 3.3V from outside for the JTAG enumeration. It won't see the cable without that 3V3. On a system board it is expected for that to provide the reference voltage. If Vref pin is not powered, you won't have the device recognized. It's not enough to have VDD (pin 11) powered. You also need to have Vref (pin 9) . I hope this helps, Best regards, Bianca
  8. JTAG-HS2 firmware erased by accident

    Hi @Matthew, You have a private message with the solution. Best regards, Bianca
  9. jtag-smt2 not recognized

    Hi @csong, You have a private message with the solution. Best regards, Bianca
  10. There is unconnected pins in Nexys Video Schematic

    Hi @JongSeob, If you look in the datasheet of the power supply it explains that there are multiple ways to set the oscillator freq and the synq threshold. Regarding the pins in the power page, you should check the FPGA Datasheet for more details about designing it. It has a lot of details that will help you. As for the programming pins. DPTI stands for Digital Parallel Transfer Interface which is different from the JTAG. although it uses the FTDI as interface. What we have is an IP for the FPGA and a PC program that activates the DPTI from the FTDI and makes the connection between the PC and the board. The JTAG interface for our boards and the firmware are proprietary. You can't have JTAG without those. Unless you make your own JTAG solution, you won't be able to connect to Vivado though JTAG. The schematic for Nexys Video is published. If you want details about what you should include or no into your schematic and for future references you can use the datasheets of the components since all the parts are listed. Best regards, Bianca
  11. There is unconnected pins in Nexys Video Schematic

    Hi @JongSeob, Sorry for the late reply, I somehow missed your message. So, the PROG pins are for the DPTI interface that is used to send data between the PC and the FPGA. We have documented this on Adept SDK'll find the documentation on the ZIP where the installer is included. We also have an AXI DPTI core published here: Best regards, Bianca
  12. JTAG-HS2 firmware erased by accident

    Hi @hendrik_j, Sure, you also have a private message. Best regards, Bianca
  13. PMOD TMP2 on a Zedboard

    Oh ok, sorry. In the first post you said TMP2 and then Jon provided you materials for Chipkit TMP2 and TMP3. I supposed you were trying to use the materials to have the TMP2 running. Bianca
  14. PMOD TMP2 on a Zedboard

    Hi @bit5huang, Analog Devices provided the chip for the TMP2. They have a project for it here: They also used ZedBoard as a platform for some PMODS so you might find more on their github Best regards, Bianca
  15. Analog Discovery troubleshooting

    Hi @Fkawall, If you have a desktop please try to use the USB ports on the back and if you have a laptop try other ports. You can also try to connect it to another computer to see if the error persists. Right now the discovery doesn't get enough power to start. Maybe a powered USB HUB could also help or to power it from a 5V external power supply. Try with what you have and see if you can see any difference on the connection. - different USB ports - different computers - shorter USB cable with data wires - Powered USB HUB - External Power supply. Let us know what you can find. Best regards, Bianca