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  1. @lekgolo167, You are right. Because the cost on on wight and the minimum is 1lb, if you order 1 PMOD or several it will cost you the same, giving the fact that they are very light. Regards, Bianca
  2. Hi @Ghita, Have you looked at the PYNQ documentation? They have implemented some IP's for PYNQ and I think they have UART too . On their website: you can find al soft of documentation and examples. The board is not supported by us. I looked around and I also found their github. They implemented the protocol for some PMODS although I am not sure if they also have for UART Regards, Bianca
  3. @greenhorn, You have a private message. Bianca
  4. Can you try a load factory calibration? From Device Manager, Calibration, reset to factory. Thanks, Bianca
  5. Hello @javagerms, Do you get the same results using the channel 2? Did you connect the ground wire (the black one) to the same potential as the orange-white wire because the Discovery is differential but not floating. Best regards, Bianca
  6. Hi @Lakshmi morla, The zynq can sustain up to +85 Celsius degrees operational temperature. I don't think this temperature with the image loaded is a problem. I am sure the board will not beak due thermal issues. We don;t have accessories like heat sinks or fans for pynq but maybe you can find a small fan locally, if you fear that the temperature will deteriorate your device. Best regards, Bianca
  7. @FrancescoFcF, you have a private message. Regards, Bianca
  8. Yes. It is on the upper right. In the picture below you'll see it already taken down. You'll need a soldering iron or something to melt the flux and remove the diode with some tweezers. If you are not sure what are you doing, maybe you could ask some teacher to help you or some one with a bit of experience to make sure you won't do anything worse. At this point something is burned on your board due an over-voltage or a short circuit. The fact that you have some voltage at input but not after the diode tells me that the diode might be burned and you might be able to save your board. If the diode is not the issue then your regulator is burned and there isn't much you can do about this. This is why I keep asking you how did you power the board and what exactly have you connected and where to see what has happened to your board. Best regards, Bianca
  9. Ok, this might be a good sign....please take off D16 from your board and power it through USB and see if it works. You didn't tell me how you powered the board. If you used external power supply or from the USB. Best regards, Bianca
  10. Please measure on C178 as well. You can find it just above L1 (the big coil). Was your board powered by USB or by an external PS? If you used an external PS can you give me its characteristics? Regards, Bianca
  11. Hello @rjk1993, Can you please tell me if you have any hot components on your board? Please look on the bottom and tell me if D15 is hot or if you have hot power supplies. You can check IC17, IC22 and look also at IC8. (FPGA) Also I want to measure some voltages on R287 (you can find it on the back of the board in top right corner) and C180 (big capacitor near big coil on the back). Please give me a detailed description of what you did how were you connections made? A drawing of what you tried to connect would help. also, what kind of keypad were you trying to connect? Best regards, Bianca
  12. Well, have fun with your new board! We hope to see your projects soon! Best regards, Bianca
  13. Hello @Davidpk, Have you looked on the PMOD HB5 Wiki page? You can find there some reference projects and even a community project done by someone with a Zybo and posted on Instructables. Take a look at these projects. Best regards, Bianca
  14. Hello, Please check your private messenger for the program and instructions. Best regards, Bianca
  15. Hello, Please check your private messenger for the program and instructions. Best regards, Bianca