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  1. Bianca

    ISE project files

    Hi @ryanpandey, I just downloaded the folder with anvyl projects and the majority, not all though, have included the .xise files. Where they are not available I think you need to rebuild the project from the sources. I downloaded them from here. Best regards, Bianca
  2. Hi @squarenut, Indeed in the BNC adapter you no longer have access to W1, W2, Scope 1, and Scope 2 in the 2x15 connector since they are connected only in the BNC connector. Regarding the breadboard adapter, all the signals are routed in the straight connector from the board, therefore you can see them all marked on the label. If you want to use the breadboard adapter with the BNC adapter, in the breadboard adapter you will have access just to the digital pins and GND since you can't get out the signals that are not connected. However, why do you need the BNC adapter if you want to use wires on the breadboard, or why you need output on the 2x5 connector if you plan the use the BNC? If you don't need the BNC probes in particular, you can use the breadboard adapter, only. Best regards, Bianca
  3. Bianca

    digilent usb-jtag cable can't be found by Impact 14.7

    Try to reinstall cable drivers. This is more an Impact issue than a cable issue. Apparently a very common one among Impact users. I googled the error and found some solution. Maybe some of them would work. Se here Bianca
  4. Bianca

    digilent usb-jtag cable can't be found by Impact 14.7

    Have you tried reinstalling the Digilent Cable drivers? You can take a look here:
  5. Bianca

    digilent usb-jtag cable can't be found by Impact 14.7

    So, You are using the JTAG-USB with Windows 10 on 64 bits. Can you send me a screen shot to see how it appears under Universal Serial Bus Controller in Device manager? Can you try on another computer, maybe with another OS like Windows 8 or 7 and see if you have the same issue? Bianca
  6. Bianca

    digilent usb-jtag cable can't be found by Impact 14.7

    Hi @dominioYP, Which cable are you using because above we discussed about two different cables? Can you tell me if anything shows up at all in device manager when you connect the cable? Was it working before or it's the first time you are trying to use it? Thanks, Bianca
  7. Bianca

    Ethernet on Arty Z7-20

    Hey Antonio, I am not sure about that IP but you can look over lwIP: lwIP server demo is included in the examples that came with Vivado SDK. Maybe someone can help you fix the connection with your first IP. If not, this might help accomplish what you want. Best regards, Bianca
  8. Bianca

    HS1 JTAG Circuit

    Hello @anshumantech, The schematic is unavailable on purpose. It contains 3rd party designs and we can't release it. Best regards, Bianca
  9. Bianca

    Arty A7-35T Xilinx WebPack (free version) compatibility

    Hello @Mayur, ISE is no longer supported by Xilinx. When the latest version of ISE, 14.7 was released they already had the XC7A100T and XC7A200T. The newer versions of Artix 7 FPGA, like the 35T for example, were released after ISE 14.7, and therefore are not supported. 35T variant will work only with Vivado. You can use the Webpack licence (free version) of Vivado with the Arty. Best regards, Bianca
  10. Bianca

    Purchased Digilent Zedboards not working

    Hi @Dimple, Can you tell me if you used a FMC connector, which one and how were you using the board when this happened? Best regards, Bianca
  11. Bianca

    Nexys Video override constraints for Vadj

    Hi @tommymc, If you want to use VADJ at 2.5 you have to change the IOSTANDARD to LVCMOS25, for everything in that bank, in the XDC file. Best regards, Bianca
  12. Bianca

    booting from sd card nexys video

    Hi @nattib, You should be able to do that by putting the bit file on the SD card and switching the jumper JP4 on USB/SD position. We have a tutorial on how to program the Nexys Video. Take a look here. Best regards, Bianca
  13. Bianca

    Arty Z7 + DMMShield + MTDSShield

    Hi @kwilber, I'm sorry it turned to be such a challenge to interface the MTDS with the DMM Shield and Arty Z7 Indeed the CS form the SPI is used for the communication with the DMM Chip, also, the SPI is shared between the EEPROM and the DMM Chip. Just the CS are different. As for the swap between MISO and MOSI, it looks that we made a mistake and we are looking into it. I looked in the standard and it should be as it is on the Arty A7 and Arty S7. Thank you for letting us know. Best regards, Bianca
  14. Bianca

    Nexys 4 DDR with a new DDR2 chip

    Do you see any activity on UART leds? have you set correctly the com and the baud? Eitherway, if the led is on, this means that the mig has calib. Bianca
  15. Bianca

    Nexys 4 DDR with a new DDR2 chip

    @Kopart Please try running this project on your boards. I ran the project on boards with both ISSI and MIRA. The init calib pin is tied to Led0 so the LED should turn on as soon as the bit is loaded. The SDK project writes "hello world" to UART (9600 baud). Let me know how things turn out.