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  1. Bianca

    JTAG-SMT3 3D step file

    Hi @mishu, Please see the file attached. Best regards, Bianca JTAG-SMT3.step
  2. Bianca

    JTAG-HS2 firmware erased by accident

    Hi @Vlad.K, You have a private message. Best regards, Bianca
  3. Hi @Blake, Sorry for the delay. Your issue was escalated and we'll return with an answer as soon as possible. Thanks for the patience. Best regards, Bianca
  4. Bianca

    PmodGPS reception antenna

    Hi @Ian Etheridge You can use whichever SMA antenna that suits your project. However, to do that you will have to solder a Linx Technologies Inc. CONSMA 003.062 module on header J4. Best regards, Bianca
  5. Bianca

    Differences in Max32 and chipKIT Max32

    @raouf, Like James said, they are the same products, just re-branded. If they have Chipkit Max32 Rev E, It's the same with the Max32. All the products from the Chipkit line were re-branded but they are the same. As a distributor they can make an order to Digilent for a specific product if they don't have it, but like I said, just the box and the inscription on the board are different. I hope this helps. Best regards, Bianca
  6. Bianca

    Zebo board: one connector missing

    Hi @Pavel_47, JF connector is routed to the MIO pins in the PS side of the ZYNQ. This is why you won't find it on the Block Design. You can access it by connecting the pins in the processing system to an interface you desire. Best regards, Bianca
  7. Hi @stracky, You have a private message related to this problem, Thanks, Bianca
  8. Bianca

    Defect Videoboard, no signals on FMC connector

    Hello, You have a private message. Best regards, Bianca
  9. Bianca

    Reference Schematic for the Pmod USBUART2

    Hi @MaelXD, Can you please show me a picture with the USBUART2? We were not aware of a second revision of USBUART, neither I could track it on the store and engineering database. Did you purchase it from our store? and when? Thanks, Bianca
  10. Bianca

    ISE project files

    Hi @ryanpandey, I just downloaded the folder with anvyl projects and the majority, not all though, have included the .xise files. Where they are not available I think you need to rebuild the project from the sources. I downloaded them from here. Best regards, Bianca
  11. Hi @squarenut, Indeed in the BNC adapter you no longer have access to W1, W2, Scope 1, and Scope 2 in the 2x15 connector since they are connected only in the BNC connector. Regarding the breadboard adapter, all the signals are routed in the straight connector from the board, therefore you can see them all marked on the label. If you want to use the breadboard adapter with the BNC adapter, in the breadboard adapter you will have access just to the digital pins and GND since you can't get out the signals that are not connected. However, why do you need the BNC adapter if you want to use wires on the breadboard, or why you need output on the 2x5 connector if you plan the use the BNC? If you don't need the BNC probes in particular, you can use the breadboard adapter, only. Best regards, Bianca
  12. Bianca

    digilent usb-jtag cable can't be found by Impact 14.7

    Try to reinstall cable drivers. This is more an Impact issue than a cable issue. Apparently a very common one among Impact users. I googled the error and found some solution. Maybe some of them would work. Se here Bianca
  13. Bianca

    digilent usb-jtag cable can't be found by Impact 14.7

    Have you tried reinstalling the Digilent Cable drivers? You can take a look here:
  14. Bianca

    digilent usb-jtag cable can't be found by Impact 14.7

    So, You are using the JTAG-USB with Windows 10 on 64 bits. Can you send me a screen shot to see how it appears under Universal Serial Bus Controller in Device manager? Can you try on another computer, maybe with another OS like Windows 8 or 7 and see if you have the same issue? Bianca
  15. Bianca

    digilent usb-jtag cable can't be found by Impact 14.7

    Hi @dominioYP, Which cable are you using because above we discussed about two different cables? Can you tell me if anything shows up at all in device manager when you connect the cable? Was it working before or it's the first time you are trying to use it? Thanks, Bianca