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  1. NithinA

    Stopping ZMOD DAC

    Hello, I am working on a project where I need to control the ZMOD DAC 1411 to generate arbitrary waveforms. I am able to load the desired waveform into the buffer and start the DAC. But, when I try to use the stop() function available in the ZMOD library, the DAC does not stop. I can set the DAC output to 0V to mimic turning off (I could not find any data on the impedance offered by the DAC when it is off), but would like to know why the stop() function does not work. The zmod library can be found here.
  2. NithinA

    ZMOD ADC Trigger mode

    @JColvin Thanks for the answer. This is exactly what I needed to know.
  3. NithinA

    ZMOD ADC Trigger mode

    Hello, Can anyone explain the triggered polling method available for ZMODADC1410 module? What exactly is meant by the "window" parameter? Some details regarding the ZMOD ADC module can be found here.
  4. @futbol Thanks for the GitHub example. This is similar to what I need.
  5. The sampling need not be uninterrupted. It is enough to acquire a block of data limited by the memory available, then transfer it to PC and repeat the data acquisition. Currently, I do not have access to other FPGA platforms. If the board is operated in a Linux environment, can we change the values for threshold (mentioned in previous post) via software?
  6. Hello I am working on an application where I have to continuously sample a signal using ZMOD ADC 1410 (only one channel is required) at highest possible speed and send the data to a PC (preferably via ethernet). If the sampled value is greater than a threshold value, the ZMOD DAC 1411 should also output a voltage pulse from one of its channels. I would like to have the threshold value to be adjustable at runtime (preferably via software). I am new to Zync platform and any suggestions on how to proceed will be helpful.