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  1. Thank you @attila. I set the sample mode to Min/Max in the app and saw the glitch goes up to 7V. So I did what you suggested and set trigger level to 7. Now I have consistent triggers. One thing I didn't do right is the trigger position. The number means where in time to center. So a negative number moves the trigger position to the right. Should this be in the API docs? Thanks again! FDwfAnalogInTriggerFilterSet(hdwf, filterDecimate); FDwfAnalogInTriggerLevelSet(hdwf, 7); FDwfAnalogInTriggerConditionSet(hdwf, trigcondRisingPositive); FDwfAnalogInTriggerPositionSet(hdwf,
  2. Hello. I'm trying to analyze an analog signal using the WaveForm SDK on Linux (Ubuntu 18.04). But I'm having troubles controlling the trigger position in the buffer of 8192 samples. I want the event of interest located on the right end, so that the buffer captures what happened *BEFORE* it, instead of after it (to avoid repeated patterns.) I'm looking for a narrow spike >5V to trigger. There is only one such data point in the buffer of samples, and I can verify that. My code looks like this but the trigger position is not fixed in each run. Some times the >5V point is very early in