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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. I wasn't calling it twice, but that doesn't matter. You did answer the question on speed. I can't get anywhere close to your 800 per second. It is hard to believe that its the USB since I'm only transferring KB/S. I get the same result with any number of data captures. However, I did try setting up 8192 samples and lowered the sampling rate. I could capture continuously and then download and sort the data into trigger arrays. Unfortunately the short memory depth makes this approach unusable as I can't still collect enough triggers.
  2. I am trying to trigger the AD2 analog channels. I am having great difficulty surpassing 500 trigger events per second. I'm working with Python 3.7 to 3.9. I am working on a Windows 10 Pro PC with 8 GB of RAM. The amount of data seems not to be the issue (only about a 1000 samples per trigger event). It seems more to do with the re-arming time or reading the done status. I tried the sample script, and modified it with a digital out signal as the input trigger to the analog channel. About 500 triggers a second was the maximum it could do. I tried so many va