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  1. My project is a prototype of a tape storage controller for an old PDP-11 compatible retro computer. The controller is very well documented and I'm making its replica based on an Altera Cyclone FPGA. I've made great progress, most parts of the controller are working, I can control my tape drive from the computer, but there are still some problems with its functionality. What I want to achieve at this moment - I want to log data that's being both written to the tape and read from it so I could analyse it and compare if all data path from the computer to the tape and back works correctly. I have
  2. Hi everyone My name is Olafs. I'm data center specialist in my professional work, but retro computing enthusiast in my free time. I have job experience in programming, PCB design and electronics repair, but doing other stuff in my work time leaves more energy to doing my own small projects for my hobby. Right now I'm developing a missing part for one of my retro computers and Digilent Digital Discovery is helping me really well to move forward. :) If anyone is interested what I'm doing you can take a look here: