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  1. As a part of my university project, I need to port an RTOS on the Nexys A7 50T and write a program involving the peripherals of the board. I'm thinking of using PlatformIO in order to program the FPGA as it's easy to understand for a beginner such as myself. But I'm having a lot of trouble finding the source files for the board having all the JTAG and the debugging modules. Such source files were available for Nexys A7 100T( which I used for my internship. I can share these files if you want to. I need source files which consist of a
  2. I’m trying to debug a program Factorial.c on the Nexys A7 50T FPGA board using PlatformIO. I have procured its bitstream file from the GitHub repository. Shown below is the platformio.ini code: [env:swervolf_nexys] platform = chipsalliance board = swervolf_nexys framework = wd-riscv-sdk monitor_speed = 115200 board_build.bitstream_file = D:\STUDIES\NexysFiles\Nexys-A7-50T-OOB-2018.2-1\vivado_proj\Nexys-A7-50T-OOB.runs\impl_1\nexys50t.bit Shown below is the program code: #if defined(D_NEXYS_A7) #include <bsp_printf.h>