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  1. Thank you for your kind answer! As you suggested, I bought Arty S7 board and Pmod Wifi to try testing the wireless communication. Now, I am referring the example "HTTPServer" project in the Github. It seems that the code is requiring external SDCard to store and send data to clinet. By the way, I would like to use internal memory instead of SDCard, and wonder if there are any example codes using internal memory I could refer to. If not, your advice on this would also be very welcome. I truly appreciate for your help! Thanks, Hola
  2. Please note that I do not have enough knowledge in this field, so kind explanation would be appreciated. Hi, I am currently planning on enabling wireless communication with FPGA board (I am considering VC707 for the board). Since the required datarate is about 30Mbps, I selected your product Pmod Wifi for the wireless module which can support up to 54Mbps datarate. In the process of enabling wireless communication, many questions came up to me, and I am writing to request if you guys can answer my questions. To learn how to use Pmod wifi, I watched the youtub
  3. Hello, all. Since I am very new to this field, I would like to get verified before I buy the Zybo Z7-20. What I want to do is processing some data with FPGA and then wirelessly transferring the output data from FPGA. It seems that Zybo Z7-20 is equipped with Xillinx 7 series FPGA and PMOD wifi can support its wireless communication. So my question is if my information is correct. In addition, if anyone can kindly explain the process of enabling wifi communication with those two products, I would very much appreciate it! Also, if there is a board that has already