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    dakefeng reacted to [email protected] in confused on how to fill data in bram through axi_bram_controller   
    HEY!!! I GOT ONE!!!   
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    dakefeng got a reaction from JColvin in JAdept2 version 2016-7-16 released   
    As I mentioned days ago, I made a java version GUI for the Adept2 command line tools on linux.
    Please try it out and tell me if it is usable or useful.
    Many thanks,
    Dake Feng

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    dakefeng got a reaction from jpeyron in how to decompile dtb file?   
    Thanks, I found the script under kernel tools dtc, it works like magic
    ~/gits/linux-xlnx/scripts/dtc/dtc -I dtb -O dts -o devicetree.dts devicetree.dtb
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    dakefeng reacted to [email protected] in Petalinux on Genesys 2!   
    Hi All,
    On http://www.iwans.net/xilinx/ I placed a comprehensive manual on how to run Petalinux on a Digilent Genesys 2 board. Board files made in Vivado 2016.2 are included, but at the moment only the USB UART, on-board GPIO (LED's and buttons) and 1 GBit Ethernet are supported.

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    dakefeng reacted to sbobrowicz in how to debug linux app with SDK in a petalinux jtag booted zybo board?   
    You want to select "Linux Application Debug".
    Checkout the guide starting at page 82 of this document:
    Hopefully that should answer your questions.
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    dakefeng got a reaction from Commanderfranz in Genesys2 demo project   
    I am working on it right now, and what do you want as a simplest demo? I will see if I can make one. Are you using Vivado 2015.4?
    Besides, I am still waiting for the board definition file for genesys2.. I think when we have that it would be a lot easier to start a new project.
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    dakefeng got a reaction from sbobrowicz in Genesys2 demo project   
    What I did was download the 2014.4 vivado design edition and start to work. I can understand how they struggle with the upgrading of the development tools, since I had great headache from the ISE... The nightmare is always from different version of IP core, and sdk version confliction.
    BTW I do not know how long it would take to write a demo that has all source in VHDL to support so many devices without using the block diagram things, and unfortunately, you will face similar problem of IP core version problems too.
    Besides, I do not think an early version of vivado matters. Unless you have some special requirements from the latest version of it. That is my personal opinion. At least, you can start with it.
    Good luck,