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  1. ignore that warning. I remember I read explaination somewhere. It doesn't matter at all
  2. make a simple VGA scan logic, takiing care of the sychronization and then output RGB value. since your image is not some standard resulution, can you make your image 800x600 and put the image in the center? you can use fifo to fill it.
  3. Unforturnaly it doesn't work. u32 addr=Bram.Config.MemBaseAddress; int cnt=0; while(cnt<10){ xil_printf("At addr: %x\r\n",addr); XBram_Out32(addr,0x7fff); xil_printf("done%d\r\n",cnt); addr++; cnt++; usleep(100); } The program hangs at the second try of XBram_Out32 calling. How can I fill the memory? Thanks a lot.
  4. Just noticed that selftest program example is for ECC only, without enable ECC like what I did, it does nothing just return successful.
  5. Dan, I am now starting from standalone application instead of linux application. I guess the address is not virtual one, by Xil_In32 call?
  6. Made a simple zynq project, a small bram in PL and an axi bram controller connected to its port. The axi ip routed to axi interconnection without any complain. At SDK import a test BRAM application and it shows pass test. But I am still very confused how to access the data and addr in the BRAM. The AXI memory base add is 40000000 and high is 4000FFFF, does that mean this is the memory address range I need to read and write? Thanks, Dake
  7. As I mentioned days ago, I made a java version GUI for the Adept2 command line tools on linux. Please try it out and tell me if it is usable or useful. Many thanks, Dake Feng JAdept2-2016-7-16.jar README src-2016-7-16.tar.gz
  8. Any news on GUI of adept2 running on linux? The windows version is quite nice and simple. I am already spoiled. We may do Qt, Java, FLKT, and so many widgets toolkits to play with. If nobody is making one, maybe I can do a simple gui...
  9. Thanks, I found the script under kernel tools dtc, it works like magic ~/gits/linux-xlnx/scripts/dtc/dtc -I dtb -O dts -o devicetree.dts devicetree.dtb
  10. dtb is binary blob file of the device tree, how can i get the source device tree readalble? Thanks
  11. yeah, after i tried to make ubuntu working on zybo, I am thinking maybe I can figure out how to install X on genesys 2 some day too!
  12. Thanks, 1144 and so on, I have ready read for almost hundred times. Just realize that now I am already out of petalinux doc, it is the time that I should look for linux programing, kernel, modules and so on. I've dealt with gpio part, it is standard way through sysfs, not special structure. It works great so far,thank you.
  13. http://xillybus.com/xillinux/ Anyone tried this one? it says work for zybo too.
  14. Now I want to play with gpio. The gpio_demo.c has some simple remark on how to find the gpio_base from /sys/class/gpio. but that was much too simple. From google the only resource I can locate is http://www.wiki.xilinx.com/Linux+GPIO+Driver Do you have some better and well orgnized document? like pdf I can download and read it when I do not have internet? Thanks.