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  1. Hello, Is it possible to configure an I2C master with pull-ups? Regards,
  2. OK, thanks, I'll do that.
  3. JColvin, The "Unkown (sic) Scope chip id 0x9C" problem persists, it was first noticed "out of the box" (on MacBook Pro). The USB cable replacement had no effect; and the voltage reported by the Discovery2, whenever I checked, was 5.0 - 5.1V. If there's no further debugging to be done, I'd like to begin the RMA process for a replacement, this is after all an "out of the box" problem first reported on this forum. Please advise. -david
  4. OK, but the Discovery 2 device always shows 5.1V available to it; and still this chip ID issue persists. Let's see if we can determine whether it's IC20. What's the failure mode when IC20 fails. What test can we run to determine the health of IC20?
  5. HI, JColvin, I've used the Discovery2 previously, never with a power supply though, always connected to a USB 3 port on my MacBook Pro, on a Thinkpad (Linux), and most recently on a Raspberry Pi 4. It was previously suggested that my USB cable is "too weak", and since I may have lost the original one, I bought two replacements from Digilent. But to no avail. I didn't open the Discovery2, but I can see through the back cover, IC20 is physically intact, no crater (doesn't mean it's not blown). What's the meaning of Unkown (sic) Scope chip id 0x9C? I've had this issue since day
  6. Hello, what's wrong with my device? PLL not locked. Unkown (sic) Scope chip id 0x9C. Scope speed grade 0x45 CALSTATI 0x5 (see attached)