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  1. Oh god! Of course. I can't believe I overlooked something this simple. Thank you for your help. I'm receiving a signal now, but I still can't hear anything. I can see changes on the ad_sdout pin, so I think it reacts to the microphone, but I can't be sure until I connect it to a speaker. Are there any tests I could do to determine the issue?
  2. I'm using Nexys A7-100T developmennt board. I'm having issues getting Pmod I2S2 to work. This is my test design: The clocking wizard creates a 11.289MHz master clock. The tranceiver module I'm using can be found here: https://forum.digikey.com/t/i2s-pmod-quick-start-vhdl/13065. It seems to be generating the serial and ws (word select) clocks properly. The problem is that I'm not getting any signal from the ADC. sdout pin stays high no matter what. Even if LINE IN was floating, I would expect zeros between left and right channel data. Is the Pmod faulty or am I mis