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  1. Hi Hamaster, Thank you. It worked thought there were some LEDs ON during zero voltage. I will fix it though. This is a nice way to monitor temperature and control Alarm. I know Hardware way to cut down the Voltage using voltage divider circuit, I just do not know Programming way to control Analog Reference for ADC. I think we can use this reading in servo code to control the width of the Pulse. Can't we? We can just use a 'reading' as a 'counter' in below code or may be by mapping 'reading' to 'counter'. if counter = CLOCK_FREQ_IN_MHz/50-1) then counter = 0; else counter = counter +
  2. Hi, Thank you. This looks really promising. I shall try it soon. Can't we use 3.3 V analog reference voltage rather than 1 V? Is it the limitation? As per the above code, 'reading' is the variable for the input data then I can map this value to servo input. Am i right? I mean, can we map this 'reading' as width of pulse for PWM -Servo motor?
  3. Hi Hamster, Thank you. I shall try servo code soon. Seems efficient. For q1, I meant for top level code. We still need to define/use in top level code, I knew about XADC. But how do we connect both of them? I mean what the variable name to use ADC Channel 0 in given file? I saw your wiki page on PmodAD1. How did you use ADC on JA. I thought we have only XADC jumpers for ADC! Thank you.
  4. Hello all, Can anyone help me in Basys 3 project? I am trying to interface Analog Sensor to Basys3 XADC pin. I am trying to use the sample code given wiki basys3. Priority: 1) Where do we change in given code for any specific XADC pin. I could not find any 'pin' definition in behavior code. Why there are some IP code files there? It is not UART though. 2) How to generate PWM for Servo motor?