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  1. Hi @JColvin Thank you for the details. This clarifies most of the things for me. What I am going to do now is pick a spartan 7 break out board, and build a test board with HDMI IO ports. Will update you with the results. Thanks and Regards Ajay
  2. Hi @JColvin Thank you very much for the details. I have edited the lines and created a Vivado project with these IPs as input and output of the pipeline targeting a Spartan device (xc7s6cpga196-1). I have not faced any issues with respect to versioning. I have also synthesized it, without IO mapping and it went well. I will try that as well and get back to you with synth and implementation results. I too do not have a board as of now to test it on hardware. Looking for options. Meanwhile, can you clarify on this-> The Arty S7 and Cmod S7 use CSG324 and CSG225 packages resp
  3. Hi, Are the RGB2DVI and DVI2RGB IPs not supported in Spartan 7 for lack of supported IOs or lack of supported boards from digilent? If it is due to lack of supported boards, can we use the IP targeting a spartan device by add spartan to list of supported devices in IP file? Thanks , Ajay