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  1. Hi Mr. @attila, Thanks for your great efforts and new software version. My type error in FDwfAnalogImpedancePeriodSet is really annoying for me. But, No problem. I feel lucky with these two informative scripts. 1. is ok. Plots are same now. I changed my custom application code according to this scipt and my problem is solved. 2. is ok. I tested and it is working -4V to +4V. How can we extend to range from -10V to +10V? if it is not applicable with some limitations as you shared before. What is the maximum range appl
  2. Hi All, I am developing a custom application using Analog Discovery 2 and Impedance Analyzer Adapter. I am trying to implement C-V measurements. WaveForms chart is different from my application with the same parameters. I wanted to investigate the difference with writing python scripts which is the same logic with my custom application. Here is the WaveForms screenshot with the same DUT configuration and Python script plot. They have some configurations but the plots are so different. Peaks are similar. But, They look really different. DUT: 1N4007 Diode. What is the
  3. Thank you so much for such great work Mr. @attila I am very thankfully for the script. I tested and I observed -5V to +5V sweep on the output. Regards Resul
  4. Thank you so much Mr. @attila, Now, I can read Vrms and Irms values without make any math calculation. So, this is more clear for me. I implemented the script logic. I hope they will work. I will test it. Thanks In Advance, Resul
  5. Hi again Mr. @attila, 1. I am shifting the -2V to +2V data capture to 0V to +2V. I am seeing the same noise at the same voltage location. But, it should be a shift on the axis if it hits the reading limit. So, I think there is another problem which is unknown currently. 2. I understood the concept of getting -10V/+10V sweep range. But. I tried to implement the code using the given shared pseudo-code. But, No luck. Because You have FDwf*AnalogImpedance*... functions to easy development for Impedance measurements. I am aware that these functions use the two other instruments under the
  6. I hope Mr. @attila can answer my question when he is available. And, I have a second question is that? * How can change offset sweep voltage range -10V to +10V for capacitance-voltage measurements. Regards Resul
  7. I am performing CV measurements -2V to +2V on my custom PC application. The peak value is correct. But, I am receiving noisy results near 1.5 V. I could not understand why it happening. Hear the screenshots from me and Waveforms. There is no such distortion on Waveforms. Do Waveforms perform extra operations such as smoothing or something else? ----- Closing issue ---- My problem is solved. See other thread which is related with this question. Mr. @attila added new scripts to new software version (v3.16.35). See script. Regards.
  8. Hi, There is an option on the Options menu called Samples. I want to increase the number of samples in capture at each frequency step considering resolution and accuracy. But, it really slows down the measurement process. My question is that how Waveform software can handle such high samples with very little effect. Do you handle all samples on the device at each frequency step without retrieving the PC software side? If yes, are there any API functions to achieve the same task?
  9. Hi Mr. JColvin, Thanks for your response. I visited the shared link. I installed and tried the 3.16.34 version. After my detailed investigation of dwf.cs class. I come up with these results: 1. There is a FDwfAnalogImpedanceModeSet function. But, this function does not set Mode (Amplitude, CV, CC, and Custom). This function sets Order which is the measurement circuit. There is a comment in the dwf.cs file. 2. I think, Mr. Attila did not release the expected API yet. Regards, Resul
  10. Hello Mr. Attila, This is a great news. Could you share estimated date for next software version of the API? Regards Resul
  11. Hello Mr. Attila, Thanks a lot for your clear explanation and guidance. I wrote the C# function as in the script in Waveforms. I will inform you after the test with the reference component. I am calling the function after each measurement on target frequency. The function calculates the new amplitude and resistor values. After that, I am setting the new values using FDwfAnalogImpedanceReferenceSet and FDwfAnalogImpedanceAmplitudeSet functions. I hope this is the right approach.
  12. Hello, I can successfully communicate with my Analog Discovery 2 device. I can send and receive data. I want to build a custom LCR Meter using Analog Discovery 2 and Impedance Analyzer Adapter with C#. I need CC/CV measurements too. Waveforms have built-in support for these measurements. But, I inspect the Waveforms SDK Reference Manual and all scripts in the Examples folder. I can not find a clue to how to achieve my goal. I want to learn how can we set "mode" with code. There is only the FDwfAnalogImpedanceAmplitudeSet function. There is also a "Custom" mode. There are f