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  1. Ok, I don't know in which timezone are you, but here's late evening, so nice night. Miro
  2. So, ok Dan, in all - thank you very much for help. Really I meant that it is possible to do by software, ok, it is not. I was looking for any boot sequence which displays where can and user select where continues booting... My task will be always when I will need other core, will replace SD card. I have last Q: You wrote in your advice that Arty works not on Nexys4DDR... I was compiling one project - first version was for Nexys3 and later Arty version - it was noted that works on Nexys4 and worked not - my test. So how is it - Arty works not with Nexys4? Thank you for all - advices, replies, help and patience. I wish you all good. Miro
  3. Ok Dan. So back to flash - can be bitstream selector flashed and selection will be between bitstreams on SD card? If not, I need only this: bitstream selector selecting between: 1. Apple II bitstream 2. PET2001 bitstream 3. Load bitstream from SD card is it possible this way? Miro
  4. Again we don't understand us together - or is translator not enough (in case of Slovak language it is normal). I don't want to flash anything to Nexys4DDR - I have selected reading from microSD card - always had - I know it is slower, but my selection. I want to place selector to microSD card - no flash. Like simple bitstream which looks for other bitstreams on SD card and allows selection. Is it harder to do? Miro
  5. Hi Dan! So, I used translator to understand it as far as possible and I have Q which is from your words: Mean you that I need choose new core always after reset Nexys4DDR? I need to select bitstream only at power-on - not more... Your links includes also C++ code, are bit understanable, but not so far as is wanted. So, is it so hardly to implement when I need to select core only at power-on? Thank you for reply. Miro
  6. Thank you! I'm going on three days away, when I'll be back I'll try anything. Miro
  7. Hi! I own Nexys4DDR approx 1 year. I'm using it only for finished cores, so I'm in VHDL even not yet beginner, sadly for lack of time I began not to learn. Can anybody help me to create bitstream selector for choose which bitstream will be loaded and used? Why this Q and what I mean under help: I'm using mostly few cores, but it's for me hard to accessible Nexys4DDR board to exchange microSD card, so I want to place them into one and onlly if I find new then change/add. Help: I'm not able to create own project in VHDL, I can only follow instructions with help of possible mismatch or error. If is any public core available for this purpose can anybody recommend me one? Really it looks: do it for me and I use it. Sadly it's similar, but not for my lazy mind and hands - I have no knowledge and when I go to compile any core I always learn anything about Vivado. I'm programmer in assembler of 8-bit computers and Visual Basic with beginning C++ and also website creating, so understand HTML and others. So VHDL is not hard to recognize any action in code, but it's different to watching work of any other like to create own. Thank you for understanding and help. Miro
  8. Hi! I'm here really new and I'm only beginning learn VHDL. I'm owner of Nexys4DDR and using it for first for Mega 65 and Apple II computer cores, now I want to use for own programming. First Q is maybe stupid, but very useful. I'm loading cores from microSD card and if I want to use one I must to select first card, when second, select second card... always push and pull any. I want to have all on one microSD card. How to create any core bitstream selector? If any, which programming language to use? Thank you for at least reading this. Miro
  9. Hi! I want to say: I'm here, hi all! I'm owner of Nexys4DDR since this summer. First time I used it only for Mega 65 computer, yes, I'm retrocomputers fan. My top: Commodore 128, Commodore 64, Commodore 65, Mega 65, Commodore Amiga 1200, Atari ST, Atari 800XE, ZX Spectrum 128K - or simply: Commodore - Amiga - Atari 8/16-bit - Sinclair. Now after usage wanted to begin any new project, so I began discovering possibilities. I found many projects to learn from, also retrocomputers projects and they taking me bit away from Nexys... but I don't want to go away from Nexys! It's MIST FPGA and its retrocomputers projects. Why I'm writting these lines? Is possible to convert/transform/adapt MIST cores to Nexys4DDR? If - is it too hard or exist any template how to do it? I mean not transparent template - I mean steps for doing it always correctly. I have ideas and what I can or want to give to my hobby... I'm programming in: X65 family, 65K family, Z80 family and x86 architecture assembler Commodore and Sinclair Basic, Visual Basic .. if is needed I can to learn. Please let me know about MIST to NEXYS conversion. Thank you all. Miro