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  1. Hey @attila I guess my original post was not clear, included in "other PCs" was my old laptop with the classic USB A connector, so I can confirm it does not work. I receive the same Device Descriptor Request Failed error. Thanks for the info, I'll look into that.
  2. @attila Is there anything else that is possible? Barring that, am I able to return this product?
  3. This was my concern as well, I tested it with a microUSB cable with a particularly short plastic shroud, such that the shroud was not in contact with the plastic AD2 housing when fully inserted, and saw similar results.
  4. Update: after not touching the device at all, I am now getting the same "device descriptor request failed" error I was getting yesterday, using the cable setup where it worked perfectly 20 hours ago. I have since tested it on other PCs and other cables with the same result. @attila I have tried all of the steps in what you have just linked, same result.
  5. Okay, It is figured out right now. Will I be back in another hour saying it broke again? Maybe! Solution: made a USB-C to USBmicro cable, that bypassed the use of an adapter dongle, and it is working now. I did attempt this with different dongles/splitters both with other devices and without other devices plugged into them, and it did not work. If you are reading this in the future: I hope male USB C to male microUSB cables are easier to find. :)
  6. Hey @attila I have tried several USB cables (including original), sockets, and USB C-A adapters, all the same result Edit: Image attached with what I see sometimes when plugging in device, this is not every time, maybe one in ten
  7. Ya okay, I rolled back the update and nothing changed. Any ideas or next steps? Edit: Just tried the device on one of the other PCs and it is no longer working... same usb cable, not even 1 hour apart from full functionality demonstrated Edit 2: it works on the 2nd PC again*
  8. Hello! Recently my Analog Discovery 2 stopped working, only with the one computer I need it to work with. I've had and have used the device for about 2 months now, and after not using it for a day, it has stopped being discovered by waveforms or this PC. Now I have read the other posts on this board before creating this, so I will tell you what I am experiencing: - not detected by waveforms automatically, or in the list of devices in the "my device is not listed" menu - not detected in device manager - works perfectly & as expected with other PCs - this USB C port works