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  1. @JessPlazas, You can also find a discussion of how to build a rate changing linear interpolator here, and sample code here. You can also find a discussion of the basic math behind an interpolator here. You may find these useful should you need to roll your own. Dan
  2. @Mark1000, Once you are done with blinky, don't forget to try the Knight Rider test! (Solution here) You might find the display a challenge to work with. May I recommend that you build a UART first, which you can then use to debug the rest of what you have going on in your design? Dan
  3. @malexander, Sure: > ldconfig -p | grep libftd2 libftd2xx.so (libc6,x86-64) => /usr/lib64/digilent/adept/libftd2xx.so Dan
  4. @Mark1000, You'll need to check the schematic to know if your design has an integrated JTAG, or whether it needs an external JTAG/USB programmer. That's a function of the board you are using, though, and not the chip. You do have the schematic for the board, now don't you? You'll need it when building your constraints file. You can think of a bit file as compiled source. ISE would be like the integrated development in that analogy, passing its work off to other programs delivered with it. I also recommend that, for your first design, you consider building something that just sets or blinks an LED and work up from there. Dan
  5. @attila, Ok, just found it. I had thought that the 'X' was the same control as the "down arrow", and didn't realize there was another control there. Dan
  6. @attila, Is that available when using waveforms with the DD? I'd like to try that approach of using the cursors, but I'm not necessarily certain how to pull it up. Thanks, Dan
  7. Welcome to the forums! Dan
  8. @jpeyron, Thanks! I thought I had downloaded waveforms for a moment (not waveforms 2015), and was going to be disappointed ... but I just checked the package I'm running, and I am using waveforms 2015. May I gently suggest you might wish to rethink your naming convention? Dan
  9. I'm confused ... should I be downloading and using waveforms2015 or waveforms? waveforms2015 seems to be the name of a program that is two years out of date, however @jpeyron just recommended that this is the newest version of the waveforms software. Am I missing something? Thanks! Dan
  10. @Old Printer, Welcome to the forums! Feel free to speak up and ask if you need anything. Dan
  11. @zygot, Tell you what ... there's still enough time today. I can pick up my DD and drive to your place tonight (Yes, it's a long drive). Tomorrow we can work with it, and you can offer an unpaid review. I'll need to head back on Thursday. Would that meet your standard of ethics? You idea of an unbiased review? I won't pay you, so you won't be biased by the process. (I'll need room and board during the next couple days to do this ...) I'll only request that you write about your experiences. Would that ease your troubled conscience in this process? Dan
  12. @malexander, Good to hear from you! Glad you are looking into this. I am using Vivado 2016.3 (64-bit) (see attached). Yes, Vivado was running when I started the waveforms software. Yes, I had used Vivado to load my design into my Nexys Video, and I had done nothing to disconnect the two. (I even had Quartus up, but I didn't have any boards connected to it ...) Looks like I have libusb-0.1.so.4.4.4 installed as well--if that is useful for you. Dan os-release
  13. @attila, I have not noticed these gray shaded areas. I've been sampling at 200MHz so far. I look forward to noticing those gray areas, and seeing them in the future. Thank you for pointing them out, Dan
  14. @zygot, I am a very conscientious individual. You seem to believe I am doing something immoral or ethically problematic. If this is the case, I will change my ways immediately. That's been the way of my own life for many years. So. I asked you how you felt the process should be accomplished. Your response does nothing to help what you see as a problematic process. (Job 19:4, 16:3) If you see something immoral, or ethically problematic, please speak up. Justify your position. I am particularly responsive to the Bible. Quote it if you must. Show me my fault. However, if you cannot demonstrate that there's anything wrong with the practice, then please be so kind as to hold your peace. Dan
  15. @zygot, Ok, so ... you are troubled by this practice. Got it. How do you think it *should* be done? You skipped the part of your own recommendation. I'm all ears. How would you recommend changing things? Dan